[Video] What's so great about nutrition

World Vision's work in the Food and Agriculture sector seeks not only to feed the hungry, but to ensure that the food they eat provides the proper nutrition for a healthy life. This approach is part of our community development — we work to empower communities to grow or buy the foods they need and, in turn, well-nourished people are better prepared to contribute to their communities.

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Child sponsorship is the cornerstone of World Vision's approach to community development. Join us! Change a child's life for good. Sponsoring a child helps provide long-term food security and other life-saving basics. Consider sponsoring a child today!

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The 30 Hour Famine is one of many World Vision programs that supports our work to address global hunger. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students in the U.S. and around the world unite to participate in 30 Hour Famine. They learn about global hunger, raise funds to support World Vision’s hunger-related food programs, and then stop eating themselves for 30 hours — gaining a small idea of what millions of people face each day around the world.

This animated video — “What's so great about nutrition” — explains why proper nutrition is crucial for children to have the best chance at a healthy, successful life:

When youth pastors lead their students through the Famine, they’re challenging them to be part of something bigger than themselves — to take action for God’s kingdom and help save the lives of hungry kids. Since it began in 1992, students around the country have raised more than $150 million to help combat global hunger through World Vision.

“Most research says that youth leave the church because they don’t see it actively doing what it is supposed to do,” says Beth White, a Famine leader from Washington state. “30 Hour Famine gives youth the opportunity to see that they CAN make a difference. It also allows them to honestly look at the blessings that they take for granted.”

To learn more about 30 Hour Famine or to join an event, check out our website or our Famine blog!


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