[Video] Lemma the carpenter

World Vision writer Kari Costanza has a personal connection to carpentry. Recently, she met Lemma, a carpenter in Ethiopia, whose story demonstrates the transformational power of economic development. See how a World Vision microloan and training changed his life.

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In my family there are two very special kinds of people — teachers and carpenters.

My parents and siblings are all teachers.

I love to hear my mom’s former students tell her that she changed their lives. And I remind my former teachers how they did the same for me.

My brother-in-law, Carmen Costanza, is a carpenter.

Carpentry is an equally valued profession. Carmen builds secure homes that keep families safe.

So you can imagine how intrigued I was to meet a man in Ethiopia who straddled the line between both of these remarkable professions.

Lemma Wakgari became a carpenter thanks to training from World Vision and a microloan that started him on the path to success.

By all rights, he shouldn’t have succeeded. In fact, he probably should have died.

Watch his story and find out how a man who used to wake up, still drunk, and lying on a dirt floor, now makes some of the finest bedroom furniture in town — and how he moved from being a carpenter to teaching others this special craft.



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