[Spoiler Alert] Lopez Lomong runs for Team USA in the men's 5000 meter final

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not yet want to know the results of Lopez Lomong’s final race, stop reading now.




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Team USA's Lopez Lomong ran the men's 5000 meter final and placed tenth with a time of 13:48.19.

Great Britain's Mohamed Farah won gold with a time of 13:41.66. Dejen Gebremeskel (Ethiopia) took silver with a time of 13:41.98. Thomas Pkemei Longosiwa (Kenya) received bronze with a time of 13:42.36.

United States runners Bernard Legat and Galen Rupp also ran in the 5000 meter final and finished 4th and 7th.

While he may have crossed the finish line, Lomong's race is far from over.

Lomong utilizes running as a platform to communicate a greater cause-- his desire to help the people of his homeland, South Sudan. Lopez has partnered with World Vision to bring clean water, nutritious food, education, and healthcare through an initiative called 4 South Sudan.

Last night, we were able to spend some time with Lopez and his family before his big race. His mother, Barb Rogers, kept quietly repeating "I'm so proud of him."


The World Vision family is as well.

We Stand behind Lopez Lomong because he runs for a different reason. Watch the video below and hear his heart for the people of South Sudan.

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Read the rest of Lopez Lomong’s story:

Also, check out his book, “Running For My Life.”

Lopez is partnering with World Vision to bring clean water, education, nutritious food, and healthcare to the people of South Sudan, his native land. Find out how you can join his efforts by visiting 4SouthSudan.org.


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