PHOTO BLOG: Fashion beyond the red carpet

Oscar buzz often has less to do with film awards than with the pageantry of the event -- especially what the stars wear on the red carpet.

In honor of the Academy Awards this past weekend, World Vision celebrates our stars -- children -- and their cultural pageantry and expressive styles of dress.

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Books are a girl's best accessory. These girls from Vietnam wear traditional dresses made by their mothers to school every day. (Le Thiem Xuan/World Vision)

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Rebecca Teron strikes her best runway pose for the arrival of her sponsor in India. (Jon Warren/World Vision)

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She could dance all night! Liz Naupas Pacheco performs in a children's folk dance group in Peru, showcasing the natural grace and history of her community. (Jon Warren/World Vision)

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Every girl needs a tiara, and Surovi Halder showcases hers while dancing at cultural festivals and celebrations in Bangladesh. (Jonathan Gomes/World Vision)

*     *     *

Karatoumau Dembele, from Mali, carries off a bold mix of bright and colorful patterns commonly worn in her community. (Alyssa Bistonath/World Vision)

Sponsor a boy or girl in need. When you help provide for basic needs, you give your child the opportunity to experience life in all of its fullness, as these children are doing all around the world.


    Beautiful children.

    Their outfits are beautiful--the girls are beautiful inside and out.

    This was a terrific idea! and these girls ARE absolutely beautiful- their clothes are inspired! Love this!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Natural, innocent beauty. They make me smile and, no offense to the "red carpet", but these girls are prettier!

    Definitely agree that these girls are beautiful. Glad they were able to make you smile! -Jonathan, WV staff

    Truly beautiful young ladies!

    Hi Sofia-
    Aren't all of the bright colors so beautiful? Seeing how different cultures use color and fashion is always a highlight for me!

    -Lindsey, WV Staff

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