Lopez Lomong: A day in the life of an Olympian

We have shared Lopez Lomong's journey -- from life as a lost boy in Sudan, to finding a new home in America, to his rise as an athlete.

Now, we want to show you what a day looks like for Lopez as he trains for the Olympics. World Vision photographer Jon Warren traveled to Flagstaff, Arizona, to spend a day with Lopez before he left to compete in London.

Lopez's preliminary race will be televised today. Check your listings for the men's 5,000-meter run, and cheer Lopez on.

 *     *     *

Before running, Lopez carefully stretches and warms up to avoid injury.

*     *     *

Preparing for a long day of training ahead, Lopez laces up his running shoes.

*     *     *

Lopez Lomong, Olympic 5,000-meter runner for Team USA, trains in Flagstaff, Arizona, just before the London Olympics.

*     *     *

Here, Lopez trains alongside Nike team members.

*     *     *

Lopez takes a break from his training.

*     *     *

Lopez enjoys a burger after a long run.

*     *     *

Lopez wears a ring that his biological mother made for him. He never takes his ring off.

*     *     *

Lopez signs copies of his book, "Running for My Life," in between training sessions.

Be sure to watch Lopez's qualifying race today, and cheer him on as he runs for Team USA! Check your local listings to find out when the event will be televised.

Want to read Lopez Lomong’s whole story? Check out his book, “Running for my Life.”

Lopez is partnering with World Vision to bring help and hope to the people of South Sudan through interventions like clean water, education, nutritious food, and healthcare. Find out how you can join him in his efforts by visiting 4SouthSudan.org.


    I am so inspired! Going for an early run with him in my prayers!!!! Hope he wins!


    Isn't it great to root for an athlete who is running for such a great cause? I love that Lopez sees running as a platform to help people, and not just for his own achievement. I can't wait to cheer him on Saturday! What other events have you been following?

    Lindsey, WV Staff

    I watched him run and place in his heat!!!! I am so excited! I also saw the commercial about him how he is honored as one of out american athletes...he ran as a child form evil....I am sooooo happy for him!!! God bless you!!!

    Hi Lopez,

    I know you don't remember me. But watched you run all through Tully High School. My son Bob Charette ran in school also from Chittenango. You have overcome so much more then anyone of us will never know. Good Luck to you in your flight for the GOLD. Bob n I will be cheering you on. Tace Care Colleen Charette.

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