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As we get ready to send off our amazing summer interns -- some back to school, some onto start their careers, but all to wherever God leads them -- we want to say THANK YOU for the help you've given us this summer, and the impact you've had on the lives of children around the world. As our president Rich Stearns has said so many times this summer, "You are world-changers and we only wish we could hire every one of you."

Special thanks to Chris Clouzet, World Vision intern with the web content team, who compiled and edited this edition of "what working at World Vision means to me"... but with a twist -- what interning at World Vision means to me from four summer interns.

I wanted to be a blacksmith’s apprentice this summer, but it just seemed so "Middle Ages." Fortunately, a friend introduced me to World Vision’s internship program, and I was accepted. So, while I don’t get to make swords, I get to help with tasks like updating statistics and editing stories for the website -- and know I’m a part of helping children in need. For me, that means a lot.

Internships are great for experience, resume building, and networking. Grace Slaght, the intern coordinator at the World Vision Federal Way offices, believes interns at World Vision gain even more than that. For the 260 or so interns she’s served the past four years, she believes our roles are significant because we know that the projects we work on are not only helping the staff, but the overall work being done around the world. I think we’d all agree!

I asked a few of my fellow summer interns Kelsey, Mathias, and Becca what they thought was significant about interning at World Vision, and I believe their answers — of shared stories, lessons from God, and preparation for the future — are things worth sharing, too. So here they are!

Kelsey Snell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -- journalism major

Fast facts: From Pinehurst, NC, 21 years old, interning with Travel Services, loves running, favorite place is Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Before even taking a sip from my coffee, Dean Owen, World Vision executive communications director and freelance travel writer, was already telling me a story. Like a good journalist, he hooked me — his audience of one — with a story about crouching beside Harar, Ethiopia’s “Hyena Man,” during feeding time. I was captivated.

The best part about meeting with seasoned writers like Dean is that they’re storytellers... good ones. This summer, I’ve been able to meet with several writers and hear stories of small beginnings, adventures, and leaps of faith during their journeys to World Vision — unique stories all written by the same faithful God.

As an aspiring journalist myself, one semester from entering what many deem “a dying profession,” these stories have been God’s whispers of reassurance, promise, and rest. Dean later asked me about my dreams and has even helped me act on them during my internship, but the most valuable thing he shared that day was his story.

Mathias Newell, Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA -- business and economics major

Fast facts: From Eugene, OR, 21 years old, interning with Audit and Risk Management Services, loves the outdoors, favorite place is Kaikoura, New Zealand.

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be an intern at World Vision this summer, and I’m enjoying the experience as well as learning to deepen my faith in Christ. One reason why the internship has been significant is because God has been showing me the importance of perseverance and humility while working as part of such a great organization.

Often, as humans, we want the glory of work well done. But while working on the operational and institutional side of a support office, I am not always able see the results everyday. But it is when I don’t see the fruits of my labor that I have come to understand the need to train myself to be humble and trust God to use my work for His glory.

Therefore, this summer I am learning to remain steadfast when I don’t necessarily see the direct results of running another statistical analysis, and deepen my faith that God will use these small things done out of great love to bring about His Kingdom.

Becca Krzmarzick, Willamette University in Salem, OR -- marketing and sustainability MBA student

Fast facts: From Hoquiam, WA, 23 years old, interning with Sector Marketing, loves volleyball, running, and reading, favorite place is Paris, France.

When selected for an internship at World Vision, I was unsure if I should accept or wait on my other applications. I prayed and realized God was leading me to this internship the whole time, as it was the perfect opportunity for my faith journey and career goals.

I am blessed to be able to continue growing my faith at work. I believe God wants me here mostly to mature in this capacity, but also professionally. As a MBA student focused on sustainability and marketing, my placement in Sector Marketing is an ideal match. My sustainability model and research projects capitalize on my passions and strengths.

Working in a non-profit has been a wonderful new experience for me as a business student because I get a well-rounded view of organizations. Also, the skills and relationships I am developing definitely prepare me for my ultimate goal of becoming a sustainability director. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship!

World Vision summer interns (L-R): Chris Clouzet, Kelsey Snell, Mathias Newell, and Becca Krzmarzick. ©2011 Abby Metty/World Vision

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