Through our lens: 5 videos worth watching

Two weeks before Christmas, I was sitting on a small wooden bench, filming an interview with a brother and sister. They had been left to take care of their family after their parents died. World Vision had sent staff members to their home to check on them regularly and to care for the family's needs.

After sharing their story, the sister looked at us and said, “If someone loses a parent, they are still human beings. We should help them with their needs.”

Our small team of three tried to hold back our tears as the brother and sister broke down in front of the camera.

They are still human beings. Those words haunted me. It was as if, at that moment, I realized the idea of being human -- living lives filled with dignity, value, and being loved -- was all this family wanted for themselves and for their younger siblings. At that moment, I realized that desiring a hope-filled future for your family is a human desire that transcends countries, cultures, and childhood experiences.

My role as a digital storyteller for World Vision is to share these moments with you. My hope is that through our camera lens, you can hear a mother’s dream for her family, or see the joy in the eyes of a child who imagines a future of hope. I hope you feel the dignity, value, and humanity of the people whose stories motivate our work -- to build a better world for children.

The following videos were produced by Josh Batchelder and the World Vision video team.

How far we've come...

Imagine being a child and losing both parents. How would you feel? How would you survive? Who would help you to make your dreams a possibility?


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