Why World Vision? Breaking the cycle of poverty

Poverty is a deeper issue than a simple lack of resources, which is why World Vision takes a holistic approach to community development in order to address all of poverty’s complexity. Though money won’t solve poverty alone, Economic Development is still a vital component to breaking the cycle. Today’s infographic explores how World Vision develops communities economically.


(Photo: World Vision)


Check back throughout the week for two videos, stories from the field, and a Q&A on Friday with one of our Economic Development experts.

If you missed any posts from the first four weeks of our “Why World Vision?” campaign, you can find them all at the link above — including infographics, stories from the field, and Q&As with our experts.

Child sponsorship is the cornerstone of World Vision's approach to community development. Join us! Change a child's life for good. Sponsoring a child provides life-saving basics and helps break the cycle of poverty. Consider sponsoring a child today!

Along with our Why World Vision? campaign, we introduced our limited-edition T-shirt line to support the campaign through a partnership with Jedidiah Clothing. Don’t miss the designs for Economic Development!


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