[Sri Lanka Bloggers] When being terribly afraid is perhaps the best reason for going

Shawn and his family recently returned home after traveling around the United States in a large blue bus.

His next big adventure is traveling with World Vision to Sri Lanka to see firsthand what happens when you sponsor a child. Shawn shares why he loves to continually explore -- and why being afraid is the best reason to go to Sri Lanka.

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I sit in coffee shops and I eat at a kitchen table and I go to sleep at night in a bed that’s in a house, not a bus.

In the spaces between those times, and occasionally in a misplaced dream, I think about how on our recent cross-country trip the bus galloped over a bridge or bounced up and down after cresting a wave in the road.

And when the essence of my current life is “wait,” the road sings a Siren’s song. I posted about it on my Facebook page:

“I’ve spent the last few days going back over my blog posts from the trip and trying to figure out what a book about that experience would look like. In other news…I really miss being on the road.”

They are fine reflections, those memories of the miles we crossed. In response, my friend Jason posed an interesting question:

“next blog post: is being on the road a destination or avoidance. or something to that effect.”

I didn’t have to think long. In regards to yesterday’s desire to hit the road, the answer is easy: avoidance.

I want to drive away from my worries and my insecurities and this incorrigible waiting.I want to pull into a well-lit Walmart, park the big blue bus we traveled in, and write at the small table with Maile while the kids fall asleep in their bunks. I want to drive on roads I’ve never driven, wind along gorges that make me feel queasy from the sheer drop to either side, and forget this present reality.

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Shawn and the rest of the Sri Lanka bloggers team will be posting throughout next week about what really happens when you sponsor a child. Please keep reading and asking questions!

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Become a part of the journey: Sponsor a child in Sri Lanka today. Your love and ongoing support will help deliver basics like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, education, and more — establishing stability for the present and hope for the future.

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