[Videos] 5 sponsored children share their dreams

Join us today, October 24, as children and sponsors across the globe come together to celebrate children’s dreams and share their own.

Watch these five sponsored children share their stories and dreams with us, then share the videos with friends and family and tag your tweets and Facebook posts with the hashtag: #dreamshare.

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1. Monisha, who lives in India, wants to see every child in her community attend school and for no child be subjected to harmful labor practices. At the World Vision children's club, Monisha and her friends are encouraged to use their voices. Now, she has the courage to talk to parents about sending their children to school.


2. In Malawi, 8-year-old Prisca cares about education and serves as a member of her child parliament, learning what is fair for children: "good food and good things to wear." She wants to become a law expert and work to ensure children's rights to life, education, and protection.


3. Hasmik, from Armenia, dreams of becoming a great chess player so she can travel the world and maybe someday get to meet her sponsor. Hasmik joined the World Vision chess club and won several competitions. She loves her sponsor, Dorian, especially the letters and chess set he sent her.


4. For Miguel in Bolivia, the three best things in his life are his mother, the World Vision children's network, and his sponsor, Christine, who sends him many letters. Miguel's father moved away when he was a baby. His mother supports him by growing potatoes. Despite the loss of his father, Miguel's sponsor inspires him to keep dreaming.


5. World Vision has brought clean water to Hannah's village in Ghana, saving her three hours of walking every day. Now she can be on time for school and not miss any lessons. Hannah is a peer educator about HIV and AIDS, and she dreams of becoming a journalist.


Your support for a child in need will also bring life-giving assistance to a whole community! Help make a child’s dreams come true. Consider sponsoring a child today!

Visit sharemydream.org to share your dreams on World Vision’s dream wall.

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