[Video] Jason thanks his mother for his education

Jason was a sponsored child from Vida Nueva, a World Vision program in Costa Rica. The community completed its 15-year process in 2012. Challenged to make a video about education, Jason decided to interview his mother, thanking her for the opportunities she has worked to give him.

Jason is part of an impoverished family. His mother used to prepare pastries at a traditional bakery to support her children. Jason has one brother and one sister. He used to be shy, but not anymore. Like many other kids, he received support from World Vision with school kits, clothing, and other assistance. However, beyond those things, Jason took part in many different workshops, seminars, and activities on children's and adolescents' rights, aiming to prevent exploitation and abuse, and to exercise participation. Eight children's forums and six local rallies, among many other activities, provided children and adolescents from Vida Nueva with spaces and opportunities to grow, participate, express themselves, and share with others. Several children, including Jason, decided to make videos about education. They chose the locations, the people, and the questions they were going to ask. You can see Jason’s interview here:

Jason had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador to participate in a Ministry Integrated Regional Meeting, where he explained and showed the video. He has truly become a young leader of his community. In addition, he has taken part in national children's network meetings and national arena discussions. Currently, he is in high school and working to learn English, because he wants to study electromechanical engineering. In addition, he is learning to make videos by himself.

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Additional reporting by Heillen Sanchez.

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