[Video] How World Vision works: Bringing hope

Poverty is not simply a lack of material provision. It's also an emotional and psychological state caused by a lack of resources.

Today, we have a great little video that illustrates World Vision's approach to fighting poverty: developing communities and bringing them hope.

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Before I came to World Vision, I was…not unemployed, but let’s say minimally employed. I was freelancing, scraping together an independent business while applying for full-time jobs.

The job search was tough, but I was lucky enough to have a family able to help support me during that time. I was on the market for more than 18 months, submitting almost 200 applications -- and that was the hardest part.

Often, I never heard anything back about my applications at all. Others gave me a form-letter rejection, while a few others asked for a phone or in-person interview. The hard part was that in between these, when I didn’t have an interview pending, I was sent back all the way to square one. Having to start over again.

There’s a sense of doubt and hopelessness that can become personal, where you question your own abilities and worth -- and you ask yourself whether this cycle of searching will ever come to an end.

While searching, sometimes just finding the next good job to apply to was enough to give me hope again -- to get me excited about applying, interviewing, and moving forward. I would feel uplifted, energized by the mere possibility of this job I’d found but hadn’t even applied to. It was enough to keep me going until all that hard work finally paid off.

I imagine this same sense of hope for many people who live in the struggling communities where World Vision works. I think of them at the moment when they first find out that World Vision is going to come alongside them to introduce training programs, drill water wells, provide them with seeds and livestock, build schools, and so on.

Or I think of the entrepreneurs who receive small business loans through World Vision Micro -- these amazingly creative people who simply lack the capital to realize their dreams and work themselves out of poverty.

Poverty is not simply a lack of material provision. It's also an emotional and psychological state caused by a lack of resources.

I imagine that these communities and entrepreneurs feel the same sense of hope I felt when they first receive the news of a World Vision program or loan. They still have a lot of work to do, and there’s still uncertainty, but that hope is life-changing. It allows a person to keep going and do the work that will solidify that life change.

World Vision’s community development approach aims to address poverty at its root causes -- access to capital and resources, but perhaps more importantly, hope -- because poverty is too complex to solve through any simpler means alone.

This video, “How World Vision Works,” shows how our development approach can transform a community and bring them hope for their future.

Check back tomorrow for a more in-depth discussion about our community development approach with one of our experts in that field.

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Matthew Brennan is the blog manager at World Vision U.S.

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