[Sri Lanka Bloggers] To Sri Lanka with World Vision

Laura Tremaine -- or Hollywood Housewife, as her readers know her -- is going to Sri Lanka with the World Vision blogger team in just a few days.

Following the Bolivia Bloggers trip last year piqued her curiosity, and this year, she has decided to take the leap. Read her thoughts as she prepares for her trip, and follow her journey as we learn what really happens when you sponsor a child through World Vision.

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I'm excited, terrified, and humbled to tell you that this month I'll be a part of the World Vision blogger team headed to Sri Lanka.

I've never done anything like this before.  I've never much thought about doing anything like this before.

Last year, a group of World Vision bloggers went to Bolivia. As it happens, I was also invited on that trip, and I was relieved to say no quickly because of my pregnancy.

But a few of my favorite bloggers were on that trip -- including Rachel Held Evans and Nish Weiseth -- and I read their posts from afar, and I couldn't quite shake a feeling.

When World Vision contacted me regarding the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka and see firsthand the relief work there, I didn't have a single reason to turn them down. And I looked for one…

Read the rest of the post on Laura's Blog.

Make sure to check back for continued updates from the bloggers as they prepare for the trip, and follow along from August 26 through 31 as we blog in real time from Sri Lanka.

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