The best Valentine's Day card

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day card for the one you love can be something of a challenge. As a publishing professional, I'm more than a bit choosy about the design, graphics, and message. I'm always looking for a card that contains just the right words and design that convey something heartfelt in a special way. I love the idea of touching my husband's heart with the message held within that carefully chosen package.

Milana and Doug in Romania. (Photo courtesy of Milana McLead)

My hubby, Doug, a 6'3" strapping fellow with a graduate degree in philosophy, just isn't the sort of man for whom you can choose a fluffy card. And so I wander the aisles of card stores, pawing through all the pink and glitter, desperately seeking a meaningful card that speaks to me and will speak to my beloved. But no matter how hard I look or what card I find for Doug this year, no way will it compare to the handmade Valentine's Day cards he received last year from his granddaughter, Maya, or our World Vision granddaughter, Yuly — our sponsored child in Colombia.

The following was written by Doug after receiving Yuly's Valentine's Day card last year:

My name is Doug. I have four grandchildren whom I adore in Chicago. One of them is Maya. She's 5 years old. Every year for Valentine's Day, Maya sends me something special to remind me of how much she loves me.

But this year, she was beaten to the punch by Yuly, the 6-year-old girl whom my wife, Milana, and I sponsor through World Vision in Colombia.

Yuly sent this drawing of a heart and a special note. It's my first valentine from my Colombian "granddaughter."

Thank you, Yuly! We love you! On this Valentine's Day, you reminded me how sponsorship is good for the heart.

Translated: "I love you a lot. I hope we are always together. Blessings." Yuly, age 6, of Colombia, writes this to her sponsors, Milana and Doug, in the United States.

Happy Valentine's Day from the World Vision family. Be reminded today of how helping others is good for the heart.

"And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity." —Colossians 3:14 (NIV)

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