Survive to thrive

Each day, thousands of children are robbed of the chance to live a healthy, productive life -- all because of preventable, treatable diseases.

World Vision is partnering with national radio network K-LOVE -- which includes more than 400 contemporary Christian radio stations across the country -- to help children around the world Survive to 5.

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Using the tips of her fingers, a mother gently tries to put drops of water into the mouths of her newborn twin daughters. They don’t look well.

The mother, Yadou, has no milk for her babies. She herself is too malnourished. Her village in Niger lost its crops to insects and drought. There is nothing to eat.

Every day, nearly 19,000 babies and toddlers are killed by preventable causes like malnutrition around the world.

World Vision has very successful treatments for malnourished children ages 6 months and older. Foods like Plumpy’nut® can work miracles for children that are near death’s door.

Sadly, World Vision workers had to send Yadou and her newborns in search of a hospital. The need was too great.

Child sponsorship, however, gives us a chance to help babies and mothers like Yadou.

On the other side of the ocean, in Peru, another mother named Sonia is rejoicing.

“In the past, my child was malnourished,” remembers Sonia sadly. “He never talked and used to cry a lot.” Then, her son, Luis, got sponsored.

“I received support from World Vision,” says Sonia. “They taught me how to cook nutritional meals and gave us chickens to improve the protein levels in our diet.”

Luis, age 3, now eagerly helps pick produce from his family’s garden and tends to the baby chicks.

Sponsorship has helped not only Luis, but his whole community. Malnutrition used to be one of the biggest problems. But through sponsorship, World Vision taught families how to raise small animals, grow small gardens, and cook nutritional meals.

“My biggest joy is seeing my child healthy,” says Sonia.

We can give that joy to other mothers, like Sonia and Yadou. Through sponsorship, we can help babies not just survive, but thrive.

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Tune in to K-LOVE on November 20 for a radiothon to help find more sponsors for children in need.

Your can join World Vision and K-LOVE today by sponsoring a child in need. Sponsorship reaches out to a child, his or her family, and entire community with access to sustainable, life-giving basics like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, education, and more. It’s one of the best ways to fight poverty -- and change lives!

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