[Sri Lanka Bloggers] Sri Lanka Sunday: Spice

From August 26 through September 1, we’ll be traveling with a team of eight bloggers to Sri Lanka to experience firsthand how World Vision is using sponsorship to transform the lives of children, families, and communities who have been caught in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Darrell Dow brings a unique perspective to the Sri Lanka blogger trip. He spent his childhood growing up in the poorer areas of the Caribbean and experiencing life in the developing world firsthand.  After college, he began writing down some of his humorous experiences in the realm of Christianity.

Each Sunday, Darrell blogs about Sri Lanka in preparation for the trip. This past Sunday, Darrell asked for prayers for the trip in a unique way.

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Did you know you have a little bit of Sri Lanka in your kitchen?

Cinnamon trees are only native to the island of Sri Lanka, and every cinnamon tree in the world is a descendant of one there!

Go ahead, open up that spice canister and take a whiff. A few hundred years ago, that spice was so rare, it was considered an appropriate gift for royalty.

Read the rest of what Darrell has to say here.

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The Sri Lanka blogger trip is less than two weeks away! Have you asked your questions about how World Vision sponsorship works? If not, leave them in the comments below -- and we'll answer them while we're there!


    blessed is the hands that given than the one that reseive..............

    Interesting fact. It is my most favorite spice. Thank you Sri Lanka for such a delightful spice!

    My native country! Thank you.

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