[Sri Lanka Bloggers] Let's go to Sri Lanka with World Vision!

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be traveling with a team of eight bloggers to Sri Lanka to experience firsthand how World Vision is using sponsorship to transform the lives of children, families, and communities who have been caught in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Today's post comes from Allison Olfelt, who shares why she's decided to take the leap and travel with us to the other side of the world. Allison is a wife and mother of two little boys, so coming with us to Sri Lanka is no small sacrifice. Read why she is willing to make it.

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Friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet): I want to do something with you.

I want to take you with me as I fly to the literal opposite side of this earth -- to Sri Lanka. (Don’t worry. I had to Google it, too. It is an island off of the southeastern coast of India.)

I will stomach the international flights and layovers; I will take the vaccines and the precautionary anti-malarial medication; and I will get the passport/visa thing sorted out.

You just need to show up here, to this space, and that way, we can go together. I was thinking next month-ish. I dunno -- when works for you? Say, August 24 to September 1?

Good. It’s settled, then.

Here’s the "why," friends (and it’s a big one): I want to show you what World Vision is doing there. I want to tell the story of what child sponsorship does in the lives of children, and I want you to be a part of it.

Read the rest of what Allison has to say here.

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Do you have questions about World Vision's sponsorship programs? Eight bloggers are traveling to Sri Lanka to give you answers! Leave your questions as comments below -- and we'll do our best to answer them for you while we're there!


    Hi, I am so happy you are all traveling to Sri Lanka very soon. I know in Sri Lanka who would be greatly encouraged to be contacted by you. He and his family are in need of daily food. Please email me back. I will follow your journey and pray for you. It will be so nice to get to see the country, and I am so happy to have discovered all your bloggers. We learn so much from other people who love Jesus. It expands our world so much! It grows our faith in God, in one another, and in ourselves as able to change things in this world. My heart is with you as you travel. Take some vitamins with you! God Bless !

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