John Lennon: A sponsored child who imagines, too

There's one well-known John Lennon who wrote and performed a famous song about imagining. But another is a 15-year-old boy from the Philippines who imagines something of his own -- a better future and an opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher, thanks to his sponsorship through World Vision.

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My name is John Lennon, a World Vision sponsored child since second grade.

I came from a poor family in the Philippines. I’m the youngest of 13 siblings. My father died when I was a year old, so my mother took the role to raise us.

For me, she is our hero. She juggles all the responsibilities to meet our needs and take care of us at the same time. However, she couldn’t send us all to school, because she doesn’t earn much from doing laundry jobs.

Despite the hardship, my mom didn’t give up the fight. She works hard to at least provide us food three times a day. She takes all responsibilities to keep us safe -- in good and bad times.

One day, World Vision came to our community. I’m lucky to be chosen as one of World Vision’s sponsored kids. Because of World Vision, I became inspired to pursue my studies and to do my best in my academics. Through hard work, I earn achievements in school. I’m an honor student, and I’m happy that my family is proud of me.

I'm also inspired to do well in school so that I could help my family escape from poverty. My mom doesn’t make much, so I’m glad I’m sponsored. She doesn’t need to worry about purchasing the things I need for school, because World Vision provides them. World Vision also helps improve school facilities by giving chairs, tables, and books to poor schools in our community.

I’ll be graduating high school next year, and I know I’m on my way to reach my dreams. God has revealed to me that even if life seems to be difficult sometimes, nothing is impossible with Him.

Right now, I’m amazed at how God is molding me to develop my talents. This year, I was given the chance to participate in World Vision’s Children’s Congress. It’s an annual gathering of child leaders from different provinces of the country.

The Congress helped me develop my leadership skills and self-confidence. It’s an opportunity to know our rights and responsibilities better. We share and learn together. And, of course, we have so much fun.

John Lennon feels privileged to join the Mindanao Children's Congress this year. It's an annual gathering of kids from World Vision communities, where the children are empowered to address issues that affect their well-being. (Photo: Crislyn Joy A. Felisilda/World Vision)

As a child leader, I believe education is the way out from poverty. I don’t want to experience being poor in the long run, so I’m thankful World Vision helps us improve our lives.

World Vision also helps our parents earn more money. My mom is a member of community savings group. Her savings help us meet our needs when she has no more money in her pocket.

As my way of thanking World Vision, I became an active leader in our community and set a good example to the young ones. During summertime, I do free tutorials in our community with the youth from our barangay (village). I teach the little kids how to read and write. I have fun being with them. I encourage their creativity through arts, including fun activities that will bring out the best in them.

Because of these activities, they’re learning to overcome their shyness. I want to inspire them to keep on learning.

I pray that I’ll become a teacher someday. I want to share my enthusiasm for learning among the poor children in our community. My hope is that World Vision will help more poor children like me so that a lot of the little ones will experience hope.

Inspired by the popular song “Imagine” by John Lennon, member of the Beatles, I imagine that my mom won't be working hard anymore. I imagine that the poor kids will finish school. I imagine sharing my talents to the little ones by becoming a teacher.

I am optimistic of my dreams -- and I won’t stop dreaming until it becomes real.

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What's it like to hear about the impact of child sponsorship from one of the children who enjoys its benefits? How does it change your perspective? Share your thoughts with us!

Sponsor a child today. By sharing your love and support with a boy or girl in need, you'll help provide tangible essentials like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, education, and more. But you'll also give the intangible gifts of stability and hope, giving a child like John Lennon the freedom to imagine -- and to dream.


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    It's amazing the way John's story sheds light on how sponsorship truly transforms a life, isn't it? Do you sponsor a child? Have a great day!

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