Sponsorship at work: Education

One of the most tragic aspects of poverty is its cyclical nature. The struggle to survive becomes all-consuming, and as a result, long-term change is difficult to achieve. Families are often forced to make choices between immediate needs -- like food and medical care -- or investing in the future of their children through education.

World Vision's sponsorship programs help ease the burden for families in need, allowing children to go to school. In the video below, Liguanan and his family talk about how education wasn't a possibility before sponsorship. Now, with World Vision's help, Liguanan attends school and has a renewed sense of hope for the future.

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Would you like to help make education a possibility for a child in need?

Consider sponsoring a child in Tanzania or another country of your choice. Your love and ongoing support will help provide a child with basics like education, clean water, nutritious food, access to medical care, and more -- all of which are foundational to stability for the present and hope for the future.

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