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Everyone likes art on their refrigerator. While I don’t have children of my own, I proudly display some of my nephews’ work whenever I receive it. Of course, I don’t display it because the technical qualities rival the Mona Lisa, but because I value the artist.

Well, we value our sponsored children, and in honor of Youth Art Month this month, I want to highlight some of the art sponsored children have produced that we featured in the World Vision Magazine not too long ago. In Romania, a painting club called “Friends of Colors” asked children to paint their dreams for the future. Here’s what they produced:

I love to paint, to act, to sing, but what I love the most is dancing. I already imagine myself as a famous ballerina on the world's biggest stages. —Mihaela Madalina B., age 16

A little girl is crying because she fell down and has a wound, but a boy is trying to comfort her by offering her his ice cream. Another girl is playing volleyball with a boy sitting in a wheelchair. The disabled children must play with the other children, too." —Paul Andrei N., age 11

I adore going fishing. I have my own fishing line, and I consider myself very lucky in catching fish. —Andrei A., age 9

As a little girl, I had a secret wish: to become a lady doctor. But not any doctor—a special one that can cure people, flowers, and stars and send away the whole evil from the Earth. —Teodora G., age 15

World Vision Through My Eyes is the name of this drawing. I see World Vision like an unconditional, gentle hand devoted to its cause, which is helping hopeless kids. For me, World Vision is my friend. —Denisa Andreea C., age 18

See more art from children around the world in the Winter 2010 issue of World Vision magazine.

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    These are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing..............May God richly BLESS you World Vision!!!

    "World Vision Through My Eyes" is my favorite because I think of World Vision as God's Hands extended to the poor and marginalized children of the world. This is beauatiful!

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