[Bolivia bloggers] Day 1: 3 airports down, 2 to go...

My morning started at 3:50 am, that's the time my first alarm went off. Three alarms later, I rushed to get up, panicking, thinking I was already late for my first flight. I quickly showered, finished throwing in last minute items into the suitcase, grabbed a bottle of water, then I was out the door.

By 6:30 am, I was through the long, dreaded security line, took my trek to the gate, and boarded my first of two flights for the day -- this one at Sea-Tac airport, the next in about four more hours at Dallas Fort Worth international airport.

Dallas welcomed me with 92 degree heat. I was certainly not in Seattle anymore. And Miami must have known I was coming, too, because it's still 90 degrees outside here, even at 7:45 in the evening. Now I'm just waiting for Ms. Elizabeth Esther and Ms. Nish Weiseth to arrive in the next hour or two. We lucky west coasters are staying the night here before everyone else arrives in the morning.

Then, in the next 36 hours, I'll complete my five-airports-in-two-days quest, landing in Cochabamba, Bolivia as our final destination.

Only 11 hours ago, I said goodbye for the next 1o days to my dear husband and sweet puppy. But most of our team will be saying goodbye to their two-year-olds and three-year-olds, to their twins and their newborn babies.

I have to share these two sweet vlogs with you from our Bolivia bloggers, one from Elizabeth and one from Matthew. As I wait for some company in Miami, these are keeping me entertained. And catch up on the rest of the posts from Bolivia bloggers below, too.



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