A very veggie love

Editor's note: The following post was written by Chaundra Tangi, World Vision sponsor and child ambassador.

I knew right away that I would host at least one Very Veggie Party.

My son has watched VeggieTales since I can remember. Even at age 5, he is just as excited about watching the shows as ever. I know it has helped shape him into the generous, loving boy he has become.

“Love Your Neighbor” was the first song my son, Daniel, ever sang and it's easy to see how the message has been ingrained in him. He is very empathetic towards his classmates, and he prays daily for his “god-sisters” (the two World Vision girls we sponsor). Recently, he started praying for all the World Vision children that he believes to be his god-brothers and sisters. As a mother, I couldn't be more proud.

Chaundra and her son, Daniel. (Photo courtesy of Chaundra Tangi)

I have two Very Veggie Parties planned with hopes to host even a few more. By hosting these parties, I get to share my passion and encourage others to sponsor a child, parents get the chance to sponsor, and their child can help hand pick their god-brother or sister, as my son says. It's a way our families and children can be a part of something bigger.

When our family sponsored our second little girl, Daniel wanted to be a part of every aspect. He even does extra chores and makes donations regularly to help us provide for his god-sisters.

For me, World Vision and VeggieTales are two organizations that help provide an example of the importance of helping others so that mothers like me can help raise our children up well. And these ideals, sponsorship and helping others, have helped form a special bond between my son and I, and my son and our sponsored girls. Their the other half of our family on the other side of the world.

Chaundra's family first became sponsors in August 2005. They now sponsor two children.


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