A sponsor's story of finding Samuel Isaac

Today's guest contributor is a child sponsor who told her inspiring story of faith as part of our "What Moves You" campaign -- a space where World Vision supporters share their reasons for joining our global efforts against poverty and injustice.

In order to protect her identity, we won't be sharing her name, but please read how her battle with infertility led her to a very special little boy named Samuel Isaac.

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Infertility is a sensitive issue for women. By worldly standards, it's a part of the reason we are created. But not all women were designed to bear 12 children -- or even one or two, for that matter.

My journey of infertility began 12 years ago when my husband and I got married. It was a heart-wrenching three years before we found out we were pregnant. And 9 months later, our beautiful daughter Emily blessed our lives at 10 pounds, 11 ounces. And she has been a joy ever since.

When Emily was about 2, I really began praying for another child.

I'll never forget Emily's prayer at the age of 2 for a brother: "God, please help Mom's tummy to get big so I can have a baby brother." How sweet!

For years, I hoped and believed there would be a baby brother for Emily. And month after month, year after year, no brother ever came. And for years, month after month, I would have to turn my son back over to God.

I'm ashamed to admit that I held on to him so tightly at times I made him an idol. I was simply living on the promise that someday God would give me a son -- and not living in the reality of the blessings He had given me already.

God even gave me a name for my son: Samuel (meaning "asked of God") Isaac (meaning "laughter"). I received several prophetic words that Samuel Isaac was coming. God would not forget the pleas I made to Him.

Six years into the journey, in December 2011, Don and I decided to pursue the medical reasons why we weren't conceiving. Shortly after receiving the devastating news that we wouldn't be able to conceive without intervention, our insurance ran out. And I lost hope.

I finally said to God, "If you never give me a son, I will still praise You!"

It was then that I buried the dream of Samuel Isaac for good. I thought that if God wants to do a miracle and bring my hope for Samuel back from the dead, He can, but I need to move on for the sake of myself and my family.

After burying my dream, I came to realize that Samuel Isaac may never have been meant to be my biological son. Perhaps we were to adopt a son.

Or, perhaps it was a symbol of some sort.

I had a dream within the last year that I was standing on a shore in front of a large body of water. On the other side was a large crowd of people. I couldn't hear the people; all I could hear was a child or baby crying in the distance, behind the crowd.

I then proceeded to walk on the water and fight my way through the crowd to the crying child. And I picked himup and held himin my arms.

In November 2011, I attended a Women of Faith conference like I had for the past four to five years. Each year, I saw children available for sponsorship through World Vision. In past years, I hadn't thought much of it. I looked at them from time to time, thinking, "I wonder if Samuel is in here?"

This weekend, however, was different. On Saturday, I heard a speaker, Angie Smith, talk about losing a child. And even though I'd never physically lost Samuel Isaac, it felt like I had hundreds of times in the past six years!

Samuel Isaac

While she was speaking, I heard God tell me: "Samuel is here!"

As soon as I heard that, I knew exactly what I had to do. I went to every woman in a World Vision orange vest with children available for sponsorship, asking if they had a Samuel Isaac in their stack. After 10-12 ladies told me "no," I was beginning to lose hope again.

It was lunchtime by now, and I was literally going against the flow of traffic and fighting a crowd of hungry women to get to the last table of children available for sponsorship.

I got down there and told the lady who asked if I needed help that I was looking for Samuel. I didn't include the "Isaac" part this time -- because not only do 99 percent of these children have unusual names by American standards, but they only had one name on their profiles.

So I simply asked for a Samuel.

We looked through all of the children. She had one stack in her hand -- the last stack -- and got to the last half-dozen or so. All of a sudden, she said, "I have a Samuel Isaac."

I hit the floor and cried my eyes out. I had found him. I had walked with faith on water for six years, fought through the crowd of people, and found him crying out to me. The World Vision lady was crying as I poured out my heart to her and told her my story. It was a great day!!!

My life is forever changed, for God heard the desires of my heart and answered. I praise Him and I thank Him for bringing Samuel Isaac to me. And I can't wait to meet him in person.

What moves you to be a part of something bigger? Share your story with us today!


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