Greeting cards spell joy for sponsored children

Recently, while working on a video project in Malawi, I had the chance to see a group of young children eagerly waiting as World Vision staff members delivered their sponsors’ greeting cards to them. If you’re a child sponsor, you’ve most likely seen these cards in the mail. World Vision sends them to you throughout the year for special occasions -- Christmas, Easter, your sponsored child’s birthday, etc. -- so that you can sign them and mail them back to us. As they come in, we package them and send them to the appropriate World Vision sponsorship programs around the globe, where they are distributed to the children. At times, I’ve wondered whether it’s really a big deal for me to remember to send a card back. Would my sponsored child really care whether she got one or not? Then I saw how the cards are handed out. Because World Vision distributes over 1 million of these to sponsored children every year, our staff often give them to the children when they are at school or in other group settings. It's an efficient way to pass out the cards. And this is what I saw at a school in Malawi: Expectant, even anxious little faces with eyes fixed on the mail bag as a large group of sponsored children waited and hoped their names would be called to receive a card or letter. Joy lighting up faces and shouts of delight as names were called and the luckiest children began examining the cards and playing with the stickers and other activities inside.

Greeting cards spell joy for sponsored children | World Vision Blog

These children in Southeast Asia are thrilled to receive greeting cards from their sponsors.

At this particular school, a bright-eyed little girl named Naomi shyly asked the translator if I would deliver a message: “Will you ask my sponsor to send me a card? The other children get them, but I never have.” One of the first things I did when I returned to the United States was to fulfill my promise to Naomi to write a letter to her sponsor with just that message. But, then it occurred to me -- why stop there? So, I’m asking you today: Please watch for the next World Vision greeting card in the mail, sign it, and send it back to us. Every sponsored child wants to hear from his or her sponsor. Greeting cards are treasured. I’ve seen them carefully stored in small boxes and proudly posted on walls in homes. Poverty has a way of sending children the message that they don’t matter. With the simple act of signing and mailing back a card, you offer your child the tremendously encouraging reminder that someone far away thinks they are important and cares very much about their hopes and dreams.

When you return your greeting card, you can include a $5 donation to help pay the cost of international shipping and handling if you wish, but this is optional. What's most important is the encouragement you’re giving to your sponsored child. If you are a sponsor who has not received World Vision greeting cards, but would like to do so, please call us at 1-888-511-6534. Not yet a sponsor? Find a child today who is waiting for the love and support that will build stability for the present and hope for the future. Other lives will be changed -- and so will yours!

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    (1) My sponsored child's birthday is December 18. Will World Vision send out a birthday card for me or I have to send the card myself?

    (2) I am grateful that the child's family has spent the money I donated on the clothing and a calf. I was surprised that a pair of shoes(sneakers) cost 1/4 of the calf. I am not questioning the spend, but it will be greatly appreciated if anyone may shed some light on the cost of living in Ethiopia.

    (3) will the donation for my sponsored child's birthday go to her and her family prior to her birthday or just a community birthday party? If it is a community birthday party, how often and is it held regularly?

    Thanks to anyone who response to my questions in advance!!

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for sponsoring a child and being so involved in their life! Since you have questions about your specific sponsored child, why don't you give us a call at 1-888-511-6548? Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Lindsey, WV Blog Manager

    Why not pay a village person to return the childs message by email? It should be far cheaper then sending the reply thru the snail mail. I'm sure that the 4 month wait to get an answer to questions is a big problem for many potential sponsors. Also I never received a card for Easter and the birthday card needs to arrive very soon to be sent back on time.

    I sponsor children in Albania, Peru, and the Phillipines. I have thought of sending them t-shirts from my state, but the envelopes are too small. It was mentioned on one of these posts that Kenya does not have a size restriction. What about my sponsored children' countries?

    Hi Dawn! Thanks for wanting to send t-shirts to your sponsored children. If you sign into your My World Vision account ( and click "Send a Package" under the "My Sponsored Children" tab, you can look up each country's restrictions. ~Matthew, WV staff

    My child lives in Kenya. Is there a size restriction on envelopes there? He's older and a t-shirt won't fit in a 6x9 envelope anymore

    Hi Vena! It's so great to hear that you want to send your sponsored child a shirt! Please refer to the comment above yours on this post: you can access that information through Thanks! ~Matthew, WV staff

    World Vision,
    I seem to have misplaced my Christmas card for Yaquelin Olivares Ordonez. Can I send here a different card and letter in envelope you provided with all the other info.
    Thank you

    Hi Jeannette! Thank you for reaching out! We would be happy to fill out your Christmas card to your sponsored child for you and send it directly from here. Please give us a call at 888.511.6502. God Bless! –Kristi WV Staff

    I have a sponsor daughter in Honduras. I really want to send her things but don't believe she has gotten what I sent in the past. She isn't attending school right now due to living too far away according to her last progress report. If she is so far, how would she even get what I send? I've been her sponsor for years but feel disappointed that I feel I can't really reach out to her personally.

    Hi Amanda, I completely understand your concern. Sponsored children write letters back when they receive letters and packages, but if you feel that that process is taking longer than it should you're welcome to call us at 888.511.6502 and we can look into it for you. Thanks! ~Matthew, Blog Manager

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