Japan relief efforts: How to get your company involved

I cannot begin to explain the enormous blessing corporations and partnerships are to World Vision's work. Through programs like workplace giving, matching gifts, employee volunteer activities, and product donations, companies and partners are a huge part in making our work possible around the globe, helping us to reach areas and people that we might otherwise not have had the resource to reach.

As I've watched the comments on our Facebook page, mentions of World Vision on Twitter, and via local and international news sources, I'm amazed at the many companies, big and small, who are already utilizing their resources to help World Vision reach those affected in Japan. Thank you! And for those companies not yet involved, it's never too late.


  • Engage your customers: (e.g. send an email blast, waive donation fees)
  • Create customized giving pages for employee response
  • Utilize your intranet to encourage employee involvement
  • Match employee donations
  • Give a cash grant (*Cash donations are the best method of getting relief supplies where they are most needed as quickly as possible)
  • Fundraise

At this time, World Vision is not receiving Gifts-In-Kind/product donations. Have more questions for ways your company can get involved? Please contact World Vision at 1-800-642-1616.


  • Corporate partners Verizon, JP Morgan Chase and others have set up customized web pages for employee giving campaigns
  • VISA, Mastercard, AmEx and Discover have all waived credit card interchange fees on donations to World Vision’s relief efforts for Japan for the next month
  • AT&T and Verizon are waiving fees for text donations
  • Best Western, the World's Biggest Hotel Family, has enabled relief donations to Japan on multiple levels: the approximately 12 million travelers who participate in the Best Western Rewards program can donate points to relief efforts, while the chain's 2200 member hoteliers in the U.S. and Canada can donate via check or as part of their monthly Best Western billing statements. Finally, Best Western's corporate staff can choose to donate vacation time to World Vision's Japan relief fund

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Is your company doing something creative to get customers or employees involved in supporting relief efforts? Share it with us.


    Dear World Vision,

    We are a clothing company empowering the younger demogaphic to be more pro-active in changing the world through support of charitable causes. We have released two shirts which will be benefitting World Vision with 100% of the profits.


    Any support you can give us to support your effort for the people in Japan would be appreciated.

    God Bless,


    I would like to call on those in the shipping industry to take a look at this video and see if they would like to donate their surplus of containers for housing relief in Japan, thank you.


    I urge my fellow Canadian Tire employees, managers, dealers and corporate people in Toronto to donate to the desperate people of Japan. Even $10.00 is helpful. I did. Cheers, Len

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