Gaming for a greater cause

World Vision recently announced an exciting new partnership that reaches into territory we've never been before: online gaming.

Verge Games created Grumpy Goats with the aim to provide an online gaming experience with a greater purpose: donating a real goat to a family in need through World Vision's Gift Catalog.

Today's guest contributor, Bob Regular, president of Verge Games, shares his vision and heart for this idea.

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Jane McGonigal of the Institute for the Future dreams about the possibility of solving problems like hunger, poverty, and the effects of global conflict -- through playing video games. “My goal for the next decade is to try to make it as easy to save the world in real life as it is to save the world in online games,” she says.

A new type of gaming is evolving as social networks expand. "Social gaming" is a new facet of online gaming through social networks like Facebook. In the United States alone, there are more than 53 million gamers. As the popularity of social games grow, it seems that Jane’s dream may not be as far off as you might think.

What if social games were used as an avenue to change lives? What would the impact be?

Games played on social media platforms that earn millions of dollars could support humanitarian causes and build awareness of children and families living in desperate situations around the world. The euphoria of playing the game would be bigger than the game and the gamer. The awesome feeling of achieving “an epic win” has greater personal meaning.

Suddenly, as a gamer, you’re fighting for something more important -- like feeding a child, providing clean water, or building a schoolhouse. As a gamer, you now have the power to help change a young child’s life, or bring assistance to a mother struggling to protect and provide for her own children while living in poverty.

Imagine the satisfying feeling of accomplishment and the desire to share this with your friends and family. Also, imagine being rewarded as you reach each milestone.

In my life, I’ve been blessed in business. I also have a wonderful family and great friends. Getting into the business of gaming and social media, our team didn’t want to create  just another game.

So, with the help of our team, we designed a game with the end goal of helping people. Grumpy Goats is the end product of our desire to help change the world through gaming.

In partnering with World Vision, Verge Games gains the experience and skills of a globally recognized and respected Christian charitable organization, with a legacy of 62 years of creating positive change.

Verge Games brings the technological expertise of game development and a new avenue to explore. Together with World Vision, Verge Games is committed to building social games that are fun and challenging, while making positive changes in the lives of children and their families.

Intrigued by this idea? If you haven't already, give Grumpy Goats a try on Facebook. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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