[Video] The miracle of a microloan

Microloans may seem small, but the real miracle of World Vision Micro is the life-changing impact these small business loans have on the entrepreneurs who receive them.

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With almost half of the world's population living on less than $2 a day, and 1.3 billion living on less than $1.25 a day, even the relatively small amounts of World Vision's microloans can have a massive, lasting impact in the lives of the creative small-business owners living in these conditions.

In Ethiopia, World Vision's Kari Costanza shows us how:

World Vision Micro provides a sustainable solution for entrepreneurs trying to work their way out of poverty. Since 1993, World Vision's microfinance programs have dispersed more than 3.5 million loans, impacting 4,710 villages globally. Together, these loans have a 97-percent repayment rate!

The best part about World Vision microfinance is the way that a donor's contribution continues to multiply beyond its initial amount. Over the course of 10 years, a donation of $100 can equal $7,150 of economic impact for an entrepreneur and his or her community! That's because loans repaid by borrowers are then recycled back into the community again and again, helping more hardworking families, while growing and strengthening the community.

Help fund a microloan to an entrepreneur of your choice! You can search by country, loan amount, business type, and gender of the entrepreneur.


    Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your question. World Vision's United States office does not manage microloan programs in India itself. But World Vision International, through its VisionFund microfinance subsidiary, does administer microloans in India. VisionFund is wholly owned by World Vision and works in the same areas as World Vision and gives microloans in addition to the other development work in communities. You can learn more about VisionFund's work in India here: http://www.visionfund.org/2098/where-we-work/asia-pacific/india/ ~Matthew, blog manager

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