Four women worth empowering

Today is the 100-year anniversary of International Women's Day, and it seems only appropriate to talk about women. After all, this is a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating the accomplishments of women all over the world.

At World Vision, women are a huge part of what we believe to be the key to a poverty-free future for children and families suffering from poverty. Among our many programs that specifically assist, train, and empower women is World Vision Micro — our online microfinance program that allows you to choose an entrepreneur, fund all or part of that entrepreneur's microloan, and be a part of watching his or her business dreams come to life. Ultimately, you're helping to lift that entrepreneur and his or her family out of poverty, while they become self-sustaining, income-generating, and successful.

So for International Women's Day, we're celebrating by honoring four women entrepreneurs, whose business dreams, I think, you'll find well worth empowering.

Name: Evangeline Casal
City: Bais, Negros Oriental
Country: Philippines
Activity: Raises and sells cows and pigs
Loan Use: To buy piglets and pig feed
Loan Amount: $150
Fund Evangeline
Evangeline raises and sells both cows and pigs. It is her dream to become a successful pig farmer. With these businesses, she works to pay for her family expenses and ensure that she takes good care of her family. She is blessed with two sons: Niel Joevan (4) and Jose Niel (2).

At this moment, she struggles to operate her farm properly due to low income and savings, and is not able to purchase enough pigs and cows to earn an adequate income that will allow her to expand her business. With her loan, she plans on purchasing more pigs and pig food. Her additional profit will go directly to her children’s education as well as their daily family meals and groceries.

Name: Maria del Socorro Doroteo Moreno
City: La Coraza
Country: Mexico
Activity: Selling Groceries
Loan Use: To purchase tomatoes, onions, groceries, cooking oil, beans, rice, sugar, toilet paper, and cookies to sell
Loan Amount: $1,500
Fund Maria
Mrs. Maria del Socorro Doroteo Moreno lives 30 minutes away from Vicente Camalote in the state of Oaxaca. She’s 44 years old and married to Mr. Juan Casales. They have 4 grown children, two boys and two girls.

Four years ago, Maria started a small grocery store from her home. Over time, she has invested more into her store and even started selling tacos on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. She has requested a loan in order to help stock her store with potatoes, onions, soap, oil, beans, sugar, toilette paper, and cookies. She hopes to one day see her store grow into a mini-supermarket, and to continue working to provide little Britani with the opportunity to continue her schooling.

Name: Eunice Amdany
City: Kabarnet
Country: Kenya
Activity: Sells used shoes
Loan Use: To purchase shoes
Loan Amount: $375
Fund Eunice
Eunice sells used shoes to earn a living. With her loan, she would like to purchase more shoes to increase her stock. With increased stock, she believes she will increase her sales, and therefore, her profit.

The space where she sells her shoes is very small, and she hopes that in the future she can upgrade to a bigger premise. Eventually, Eunice would like to expand her business to other towns as well. With any additional income, her family’s standard of living will increase and their financial means will become more stable.

Name: Narine Hakobyan
City: Yeghegnadzor
Country: Armenia
Activity: Selling clothing
Loan Use: To purchase new merchandise to sell
Loan Amount: $1,000
Fund Narine
Narine is single; she lives with her mother, a brother and his family. She has made a living by selling clothing in her own retail shop. She is using the income she is making from the sales to support her family, and will use the money from her loan to buy more merchandise to sell in her shop. This way, Narine will grow her business and she will meet her customer’s needs. Her dream is to save money for her family’s future.

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