Zakale: a new creation

Zakale is the Swahili word for what has been thrown away being made new again.

John Mucheru is a living example of this word. As a young man, John says he engaged in activities that were not pleasing to God. After turning his life over to the Lord, however, he discovered that he possessed a gift in art and handcrafts.

So John received a loan and used his creative skills to open a business,  Zakale Creations. Watch the video below to see how he now uses his business to change the lives of at-risk youth.

Today is the first-ever Giving Tuesday, a chance to give back to people in need after the holiday shopping craze of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today, you can make a donation to World Vision's Maximum Impact Fund to help families all over the world, and receive the amazing handmade beaded ornaments you see in this video.

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    This is a great story and look at someone that can turn their life around and do something great in the world. I love the idea of giving Tuesday! After a weekend of shopping and personal gain it would be great to have a worldwide day for helping and just giving back. Thanks for this great post!

    What an incredible ministry! That's so inspiring and just shows God can make all things new. The scenes in this video remind me of 1 Samuel 2:8 " He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap. He seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor." Amazing!

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