[Video] The 'new' sustainable gift

Yesterday, we introduced you to Mary, a woman who tragically lost everything in a flood. Goats from the World Vision Gift Catalog were a vital part of her regaining hope and stability in her life.

Kris Allen, host of the 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour, had the chance to visit Mary's village and farm. Watch and see what he learned about the life-changing impact these goats have had on Mary and her family.

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Give a life-changing gift to a family in need. The gift of chickens or a goat are so much more than animals; they provide a family with an additional source of nutrition and income.

This means that families have additional resource to care for their children -- and a better chance at a happy, healthy future.


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    Inspiring video. Thank you!

    I love this! What a great story. Thanks for providing inspiration this Christmas season.

    Those videos & the way Kris explains how we can help is so heartwarming, it makes me wanna stop & help make a difference even in a small way!

    Kris, thank you so much for all your blogs, stories and videos of your trip. What an inspiration you are to the world. Loved seeing this story and glad you were able to meet Mary and her family.

    Such a beautiful cause.

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