[Video] Thank you from Kris Allen

This Christmas season, you had the chance to follow along as Kris Allen journeyed to Kenya to learn what really happens when you give gifts through the World Vision Gift Catalog. Today, Kris Allen has a special message for you!

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    It's awesome that Kris Allen has the heart and takes time to help promote this meaningful cause!

    Amazing. Being able to follow along and donate was so memorable for me. Everything bought tears to my eyes and gave me the chills. I'm so honored, thankful and inspired by Kris for all he does.. Nothing stops him and I love that. I'm glad he got to experience all of this and we have the honor to keep donating!

    Thank You World Vision & Kris!

    Thank YOU, Kris, for bringing these opportunities to make a difference to our attention. Blessings on you and hopes for a speedy recovery from your recent accident.

    Oh, and seeing you with those children, I couldn't help but think you & Katy are destined to be wonderful and loving parents. Congratulations!

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