[Video] I thank God that someone has remembered me from afar

Mary and her family lost everything in a flood: possessions, livestock, and their home.

"I do not take it for granted getting to December. Making it to a new year. It is by God's grace."

*     *     *

Things changed for Mary when she received goats through the World Vision Gift Catalog.

"In America during Christmas time, it is from your heart that you give a gift to a friend or any that you choose to give to. To me, these goats are Christmas gift from America. I'm so grateful, and I thank God that someone has remembered me from afar."

Now she has the ability to sell milk from her goats and earn income for her family. This income allows her to provide basics like medical care and education for her children. Watch Mary's story and see how the gift of goats have been an answer to prayer for her:


Share the True Spirit of Christmas with a family in need. Give the gift of chickens or a goat, and provide a family with an additional source of nutrition and income.

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