I'm glad you fixed this because when I first saw this blog this morning, the text stopped at "You voted, no" so I tweeted asking what the no was for. Also the comments were closed. Thanks for finishing this!. Always enjoy Kris Allen's kicky feet at his shows. I absolutely love this video and thank you again! It would be nice to see Kris making jewelry too. Hope I am not asking for much.

    Hey Kris - hope you bring some of those dance moves back with you! Thanks for the video WorldVision! Loved it! #truespiritofchristmas.

    Great job, Kris!

    Haha, this is great! I love how Kris is up for anything.

    Thank you for fixing this. When I saw it earlier this morning, is said "You voted, no" but I see now that is finished. Always love seeing Kris Allen "dance" at his shows with his "kicky feet"! This video is so cool and so glad you posted this. Maybe Kris will perform his Kenyan dance at his next show.

    Very cute!! Love Kris--just need MORE footage. Thanks for all of the media so far!!

    Ha. Awesome :)

    Hey Kris nice job of dancing. Love how you participate in all aspects of your journey in Kenya. :-)

    Loved the video! Great Kris Allen fan! And World Vision fan!!

    I didn't even start to watch. And I know I love it already. Get it!!

    HaHa! This video of Kris learning a Kenyan dance is hilarious. He looked like a tribal dude carrying a turkey leg around. Kris is such a sport.

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