The most humbling thing about it all...

Kris Allen, host of the 2012 True Spirit of Christmas tour, has been traveling with World Vision across Kenya for over a week now. During this time, he's had the chance to meet amazing people, participate in new experiences, and go places he had never been before.

Today, Kris shares what he has been thinking throughout his experience.

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If we didn’t feel like we were in Africa during the short time we were in Nairobi, then when we got to Turkana, we had definitely arrived in “Africa.”

The view outside of our windshield on our drive to the guesthouse was a vast, hot, dusty, barren land that you would think no one would be able to survive in for even a couple of days.

At least I know I couldn’t.

Yet the people of Turkana live here. This is their home. This is where they raise their families. And they do the best that they can to provide for them -- but it’s not easy out here.

The guesthouse where we stayed was pretty much nothing but a place to sleep and eat. For the most part, we didn’t have running water, which means no shower or flushing toilet.

The only thing that I will try to remember about the house is the Nescafe instant coffee that I had to have every morning. I don’t know whether it was the actual taste of the coffee or just the conditions, but it tasted so good. Probably the conditions.

After saying this, we were living like kings and queens compared to what the people of Turkana experience every day.

One of the ladies whom we met in Turkana was named Mary. Her gift from World Vision was that she had received a number of goats.

As a very privileged American, it was cool to see exactly what something like that can do for a family. The joy and sense of pride that even some goats can give someone like that made me think how much we can impact other people’s lives from so far away.

These people aren’t asking for a lot, you know. They’re asking for a chance. They’re asking for things that we take for granted every day of our lives: Food. Water. Schooling for their children. Things that we don’t have to worry about, but things that they worry about constantly.

And the most humbling thing about it all…is their smiles.

Not everyone gets to meet someone who has received a gift that literally brings their family life. That’s what I got to see. Mary was such a sweet person, even willing to go out of her way to thank us for her gift. She was on her way back from the hospital to her house -- which is not a short trip for her -- because her newborn baby was sick.

And because we wanted to meet up with her, she ended up missing her ride back to her village.

This may not seem like a big deal to us, but for her, it had to be. In these conditions, nothing is easy, but she was willing to go out of her way to talk to us for hours because of what World Vision had done for her.

Most people want to help out others -- but really just don’t know how. Well, let me tell you, this is a way that you can really make a difference.

Share the True Spirit of Christmas with a family in need. Give the gift of chickens or a goat, and provide a family with an additional source of nutrition and income.



    I can tell that this trip has changed your life. We want to help change theirs. We will be giving chickens and goats this year. Thanks for making us aware of the need,

    I had the experience to visit a World Vision village in Gulu, Uganda in October. It was life-changing to meet my sponsored child, see where he lives, and the joy he and his family had with so little. It was humbling to say the least. It also showed me how valuable small things are to these children and families. The basics you describe- food, water, school. That's really all they want. A chance at a dignified life. Thank you for reminding me that the WV gift catalog is the perfect way to give a gift that will make an eternal difference. It is the birthday of our Savior that we celebrate. And of course scripture says when we give a gift to the least of these we give it to Jesus. So- let's give some good and generous gifts in His name! Thank you for this post!

    Hi Becca,

    That is amazing that you got to meet your sponsored child and see his village! What a blessing! How has meeting your sponsored child changed your perspective on sponsorship? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    Lindsey, WV Blog Manager

    Just read this, and I got chills at the end & tears in my eyes. We Americans are very fortunate indeed. I can't wait to give something to World Vision in support of their #trueSpiritofChristmas tour. Thanks for all you do, and thanks to Kris for bringing the people of Turkana who need help so badly to our attention. God bless you all!!

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for your heartfelt comment. It's amazing what happens to our perspective when we learn what other people are going through, isn't it?

    Lindsey, WV Blog Manager

    I love you Kris Allen. You are an amazing human being.

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