Praying for Turkana

During the True Spirit of Christmas Tour, we have seen how lives in Turkana, Kenya, are being changed through gifts like chickens and goats. While in Kenya, our team also had the chance to get to know John Okere, who helps oversee World Vision's work there.

John has worked for World Vision for six years because he believes in the positive impact of our work on communities.

“We touch people’s lives directly, and we see transformation almost immediately.”

John earned a degree in public health from Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya, and uses his knowledge to help families in the Turkana region.

Today, he shares with us how we can be praying for the people of Turkana.

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That there would be improved access to food security for families.

Normally, people in this region can eat two meals a day, but drought could make meals as infrequent as once every two to three days. Also, children may eat wild foods that could be poisonous.

To help, World Vision is promoting irrigation agriculture, as well as the improvement of livestock breeds and education on the marketing of livestock.

The marketing of livestock is important because people in this culture often view animal ownership as a sign of prestige and thus hold onto the livestock they own instead of selling them to improve the overall health of the community.

That there would be peace in the region.

Some communities will raid the livestock of their neighbors. These raids become violent, and lives are lost in the process. John wishes for “peace to reign among these communities, so we can settle down and focus on development.”

To help, World Vision is promoting peace clubs in school and hosting community meetings in which members of various communities come together to talk to each other.

Please pray with us that God would end hunger and create peace in this land.


    Our sponsored child, Lotiir Chegem lives in the Lokori area of Kenya.. I was just wondering if you will be going to that area and give us some new pictures and info. We sure hope to meet him one day. We have been his sponsors since we got married 13 years ago. Thank you! And God Bless you for your work. Pastor Eric and Elaine Hughes

    It's wonderful to trace steps of your organization and follow the passions of those intervening in this world... thank you for sharing, prayers covering you all there, as I used to have a sponsored child in Kenya until he left the program at 17.

    This is what sets World Vision apart from other Organizations- Listening to voice of God in lives of those living at the fringes of poverty. I will eternally be grateful for World Vision and my prayers go to the Sponsors and friends of good will who sustain this ministry. I was privileged to serve in this ministry for eight years, with my last assignment working in Turkana region, overseeing development in Kainuk area. Its always a great pleasure to see the changes and transformations that is happening in the lives of children and communities. God bless.


    Thank you so much for your kind words. It is so encouraging to hear your heart for for the people and the ministry!



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