[Video] Now I know my ABC's

For may students in the United States, singing the ABCs is one of the first lessons in the classroom. You might be surprised to learn that children in Bartabwa, Kenya, know a very similar version. See for yourself as Kris Allen sings with elementary school students.

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    i sponsered a child last month and im so happy i did. kris inspired me at the sacramemto winter jam. i pray that later on i can do more and go around the world and talk about Jesus to all, maybe even help children sing their abc'. The things kris does i would love to be able to dp one day.He is a true followr of the one i am in love with Jesus Christ.


    Thank you so much for sponsoring a child- you are making a difference in their life and in our world! Have a Merry Christmas!

    Lindsey, WV Blog Manager

    Sponsoring a child has weighed heavily on my heart for the last couple of weeks, and today, I sponsored my first child. Reading the last chapter of Radical by David Platt is what convicted me of not doing what God had already told me to do. I chose a young boy whose birthday is Christmas Day. What a special Christmas present for this child. Now he will a better chance of singing those ABCs with a room full of other children.


    Congratulations on sponsoring your first child! From the whole WV family- thank you so much showing your love and support to a child in need! Where is your sponsored child from? So special that his birthday is Christmas!

    Lindsey, WV Blog manager

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