[Infographic] How will you spend Valentine's Day?

Love is in the air this week as millions prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day. There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to spoil your loved ones; we all do it occasionally.

At the same time, we wanted to ask the question: How much money do Americans spend each year on Valentine's Day -- and what impact could that amount make in fighting global poverty?

This isn't meant to induce guilt; instead, consider it a source of encouragement as to how effectively you can make a difference with the resources you have!

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Honor loved ones this Valentine's Day by making a donation in their name through our Gift Catalog. Browse through more than 100 gift ideas that help equip a child, family, or entire community with the resources they need to escape poverty.

Spread the word by downloading our Valentine's Day cards (pdf) to share with your friends. Here's a preview:


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