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Not too long ago, I received the kindest of emails from Marina, the famed Energizer Bunnies' Mommy from the Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports blog. Marina shared with me an idea she and another blogger had about using their social media influence to inspire readers to make Christmas meaningful for more than just their own children this year.

This guest post from Marina (and this week's series on Marina's and Angie's blogs) is a result of their desire to "give" Christmas to those less fortunate in this country and around the world this holiday season. Thank you, Marina and Angie!
Lindsey, World Vision Blog

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Christmas is less than 50 days away. What’s on your child’s wish list?

A LeapPad Explorer? Let's Rock Elmo? A Fijit Friend? Oh, yes, the hottest toys of the season!

A treat for any child! Or is it?

Do you know what’s on these children’s wish list this Christmas?

A hot meal, clean drinking water, warm clothes, a protective shelter.

Things that our children enjoy…things that we take for granted.

Two months ago, God placed a burden on my heart. A burden that was birthed after watching a World Vision video of a mother in Africa walking for more than a week just to reach a destination where she could provide her child with food and clean water.

As a mother myself, I found it hard to accept how difficult it must have been for that mother to look into the eyes of her weeping child and not be able to provide him with food.

When my children are hungry, they ask and a plate is set before them.When they thirst, they’re handed a bottle of clean water. When the cold front rolls in, they will be bundled up in warm clothing that was bought several weeks prior.

In comparison, my children have it all.

What can I do to help those who don’t?

As quickly as those thoughts were relayed, quicker still came an impression that I know, without a doubt, came from God. I felt as if God was asking if we would be His Hands of providence and His Feet moving hastily to help.

The vision was shared with my blogging buddy, Angie, and together we agreed to use the social media influence God has blessed us with to encourage people to make a difference in the life/lives of a child/children not as fortunate as their own this Christmas.

We both felt strongly about supporting the work the World Vision does, especially in times of disaster. So when we discussed our “Christmas project” with the team at World Vision, they leaped at the opportunity to support the cause. We knew God was on the move.

The photographs you saw in this article are not those of our children -- but they’re somebody’s children. Their parents also want them to have the best -- but circumstances and situations don't always permit it.

That’s where you come into the picture.

We know that times are hard, but we also know that when we give the little that we have to bless a child in need, God can multiply that little in a big way. Your small gift and gesture of love can put a smile on a child’s face…and that makes this all worth it.

Will you join us in giving this Christmas away?

What can you do to help?

1. Donate to the World Vision Gift Catalog and help provide a child with essentials like food, clothing, protective shelter, and clean water.

2. Bless a less fortunate child in America this Christmas with a practical gift.

3. Join Angie at My Four Monkeys and me at Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy Reports in the Giving Christmas Away event from November 14- November 21, 2011.

We will be hosting a huge GIVEAWAY event with fantastic toy prize pack giveaways. Thanks to our generous sponsors, all the toys you see featured will be donated as Christmas gifts for kids in our local World Vision Women of Vision chapters and local home for abused children.

We’re encouraging the winners of the prize packs to also donate their winnings to children they know who are not as fortunate as their own.

4. Spread the word around!

Share this article on your Facebook wall, Twitter, via email and even on your blog.

If you do author a blog, we’re encouraging you to write a post on how you plan to “Give this Christmas Away.” We’d love for you to share this cause with your readers, to encourage more people to give.

Please link up your posts in the link below, and do hop around to visit the other blogs.

Thank you for being God’s hands and feet this Christmas. May this Christmas season be a sweeter one than ever before -- because you gave from the generosity of your heart. Be blessed!

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    For the first time ever I decided to give World Vision gifts to my family. I am so excited to see their faces when they realize they have helped another have a Merry Christmas and feel the love of Christ.

    This is a great idea! Giving to others! There are so many that do not have...........
    Show love by giving to others in need. God is awesome!

    My 10 year old son is currently holding a fundraiser for the Gift catalog. So far he has raised over $700. His heart was touched by looking at the catalog and the videos on the website. We even cleaned out his toys and sold some of them and put the mony into the big donation jar. He is keeping his fundraiser open through the end of the year. I am quite proud of him!

    WOW -- that's amazing, Christy. Please give your son some major high-fives and thanks from all our teams at World Vision. The heart of a young compassionary is a beautiful thing.

    For one who has the priviledge of visiting various communities that World Vision is working in I pray that God will bless you and the seed you have planted in your son. Through him and the efforts he is making he is giving other children the oppoetunity to have a meal and even a roof over their heads.

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