Education for every child

“Education for every child,” says Anne Wachira. These words are the mission statement of the school where she has taught for 8 years. But these are not just words to Anne, they carry a much deeper meaning.

“As I came to this area, I was touched by the way the children were. They were illiterate. That’s why I started to work at this school.”

Anne was determined to see change in the lives of her students.

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Anne's School serves over 300 students ages three to fourteen, and teaches a range of subjects: English, math, science, social studies and the local language, Swahili. For many students, studying was a struggle because their basic needs were not met.

Children used to spend two hours each day walking to get water for their families. The water they collected was unpotable and made them sick. Children missed class and were unable to study because of illnesses like typhoid and diarrhea.

World Vision worked with the school to build a clean water tank, a hand-washing station and improve toilet facilities.  World Vision also provided medicine to treat illnesses so the children would spend less time being sick and more time in school.  Additionally, World Vision provided textbooks, school uniforms, charts, crayons and even a playground for the local pre-school.

It wasn't just Annes school that received clean water, sanitary facilities, and medicine. These changes took place for 25 other schools in the region with World Vision's help.

Anne is elated by the transformation that has taken place. “We have seen the hand of God,” she states. “The children used to complain that their stomachs ached, but since we have clean water, they are better.”

This year, a deep-water well will be drilled for more consistent clean water and new buildings will be constructed for the school the year after.

Peter Yator, a local administrator for the Kenyan government, says, “We appreciate Americans because they are good, friendly, generous people... They have improved the lives of the community, especially the children.”

Jonathan Lo is a part of World Vision’s social media team. He recently traveled to Kenya with the 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour.

Become a World Vision child sponsor today. Your love and commitment for a boy or girl in need will help provide basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, education, spiritual nurture, and more. You'll help form the foundation for a future of hope, while building a special relationship with a child who will know your name and feel your prayers.


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