A picture of health

The mood is somber as babies wait to be examined and receive immunizations. I meet Purity, 30, and her 2-year-old son, Sheldon, while they were waiting to be seen. Sheldon suffers from high fever, poor appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting.

*     *     *

Despite the serious atmosphere, the good news is that Purity has access to medical treatment for Sheldon through the health clinic. World Vision has provided medicines, solar-powered refrigerators to store medicine, and food to bring better health to people in Bartabwa. This is just one of the eight clinics in Bartabwa that World Vision is supporting.

Purity has dreams for her son "to [be] something good…be a doctor, so he can assist the community."

World Vision recognizes that a child's well-being is complicated. This health clinic is just one way World Vision is working to build a better environment in which they can grow up.

To keep children from getting sick in the first place, World Vision is building clean water wells throughout the region.

Malaria is also a threat to children's health here, with over 1,000 cases per year. Prevention is key -- so World Vision distributes insecticide-treated bed nets to families and trains them on proper use.

All of this, and more, plays a role in keeping children healthy.

Sheldon’s story is an important reminder over the Christmas season that while much improvement and joy should be celebrated, there is still great need in our world. Every piece helps to build a better world for children.

Jonathan Lo is a part of World Vision’s social media team. He recently traveled to Kenya with the 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour.

This Christmas, help give a child the gift of health. Through the World Vision Gift Catalog, you can honor a loved one and support health in developing communities.

For only $35, you can give a gift that multiplies in impact to provide $420 worth of medicine.

You can also provide bed nets for a family, which last for up to four years and are treated with insecticide to repel malaria-carrying mosquitoes so children can sleep safely.

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