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Laura Tremaine -- or Hollywood Housewife, as her readers know her -- traveled to Sri Lanka with the World Vision Bloggers this past August. Laura has seen for herself how lives can be transformed through the work of World Vision -- and today, Laura shares the top gifts on her list for Cyber Monday.

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The holiday season is officially upon us. There are gifts to buy, recipes to perfect, and cards to be addressed. And while we may all spend the next frenzied weeks trying really, really hard not to let what’s important get lost in the shuffle, sometimes things slip through the cracks.

We intend to give back. We intend to get involved. But there are many options to choose from -- and before we know it, we’re celebrating the New Year.

I want to make it easy for you. I want to show you how a holiday gift through World Vision can transform lives. Through the World Vision Gift Catalog, you can choose specific items that aid in reducing the struggles of others, while helping to ensure they’ll see next year’s holiday season -- and the next, and the next.

Here are my favorite gift ideas from the World Vision Gift Catalog:

A Goat and Two Chickens







Goats provide milk, cheese, and yogurt. Chickens provide eggs. Both can used as a means of healthy nourishment or income. Goats and chickens are easy to raise and can survive in most climates. What a sustainable gift for a family!

Sewing Machine







Teaching a trade like sewing to a woman who lives in poverty can change her life and circumstances.








Millions of children around the world die needlessly from preventable diseases. This gift helps provide 15 vaccines to children, protecting them from measles, whooping cough, hepatitus, polio, and tetanus.

Seeds for two families







On my recent trip to Sri Lanka with World Vision, I saw firsthand the effect of home gardening on an entire village. This small gift gives two families a nutritious package of crops, with options such as rice, carrots, and cabbage. Like the farm animals, not only do good seeds provide for a family -- but what they produce can be used to meet other needs.

New Toys worth $420







Of course, there are tangible needs that must be met around the world -- but when I look at the pile of presents under our Christmas tree, I do feel for the children who will never have anything to supplement their play. World Vision has paired with numerous companies, so your small gift goes far to bring joy.

13 Farm Animals or a Cow







If you’re able to be so generous this season, fewer things are more life-changing than the gift of farm animals. The 13 farm animals include a pig, sheep, goat, and 10 chickens. One dairy cow can provide up to 5,000 gallons of nutritious milk in a lifetime. These animals are truly the gift that keeps giving.

Gift of the Month







One thing that my family will be doing this year is the Gift of the Month. Given in lieu of a traditional present, the honoree receives a card each month, telling them what gift was given and in what part of the world. The gifts include a goat, a fishing kit, two soccer balls, bed nets, and clothing and shoes. This is an unbelievable present that helps and honors others.

I am making every effort this holiday season to be more intentional with my gifts and with my time. Sponsoring a child through World Vision has already sparked important conversations with my daughter, and giving from the Gift Catalog furthers this lesson in generosity and humanity.

You can view all of the gifts available here, including donkeys, ducks, clothing, and clean water.

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