A goat is more than just a goat

If you're considering honoring a loved one with a gift through the World Vision Gift Catalog this Christmas season, you may be wondering how a goat, chicken, or cow impacts the lives of the people who are on the receiving end.

The gift of a farm animal can equip and empower a family in ways that you might not expect. For example, a goat's milk, cheese, and yogurt can help nourish hungry children and families. A surplus of any of those items can be sold at market for extra income, as can the goat's offspring. The money earned can be used to help pay for school fees, medical bills, or other basics.

Check out the infographic below to get a better idea of how a simple gift through our Gift Catalog can become a sustainable means by which a child, family, and even entire community can escape poverty.

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A goat is more than just a goat | World Vision Blog Infographic designed by Brian Hurst.

Give the gift of a goat or other life-changing gift in honor of a loved one. Your simple gift can multiply to become a source of long-term transformation to a child, family, or entire community in need!


    I love this graphic! I share about goats every time I get to share about the ministry. This will be a great tool. I wish there was a print option but I will go to the web site and see if I can find it rather than copy and paste. Thank you so much for putting this together! I love it!!!

    Hey Francine- thanks so much for sharing about WV's ministry! I'm sorry we don't have a print option. Maybe you can share this on facebook, pinterest, or twitter instead?


    Lindsey, WV Staff

    We are thankful for your ministry in helping people feed themselves with the resources these animals provide. Most of all, it is done in Jesus' name. Bless you all. We will share this with our grandchildren and their parents. It is such a blessing to give.

    This is our third year participating in World Vision Gifts Catalog. This year we decided to plunge a little further for 1 goat and 2 chickens and the clean water fund in honor of our 18 year old. We thank God for providing an income so that we can give.

    I am 7 years old, but I am glad I got to share with other people. My grandmother, parents, brother and I were happy to share to get 1 goat and 2 chickens for people who needed them. We will pray for them.

    Thank you, Lucy

    My children decided they wanted to do something nice for someone else this year in place of presents for themselves. This is a big deal for them. I am so proud!We decided to purchase 2 goats and 4 chickens. I will be making this happen more often for sure!

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