[Video] Two Years Later: Rebuilding Japan

As today marks the two-year anniversary of the historic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, residents are making progress toward rebuilding their lives and communities. World Vision has helped almost 300,000 people in three of the worst-affected areas – Miyagi, Iwate, and Niigata prefectures.

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Initial World Vision response efforts included distributing blankets, hygiene kits, and school supplies, as well as operating Child-Friendly Spaces, where children could continue their studies and play in a safe atmosphere.

Long-term efforts have focused on improving disaster preparedness, helping members of the fishing industry recover their livelihoods, supporting senior citizens, and assisting evacuees affected by the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

This video details World Vision's work in Japan over the past two years:



World Vision in Japan is still involved in the process of reconstruction, which is expected to continue for many years.

Nobuhiko Katayama, national director for World Vision in Japan, remains positive, saying that “the Japanese people have also received much strength and encouragement from all over the world to overcome the challenges.”

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Also, read an article for more information on World Vision’s relief and recovery accomplishments in Japan during the past two years.

Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support and generosity by our donors, World Vision was able to meet — and surpass — our funding needs for a three-year Japan relief and recovery response.

However, you can make a donation to our Disaster Response Fund, which equips World Vision to respond quickly and effectively to similar sudden-onset emergencies as they occur around the world.

You can also give to help Support Child-Friendly Spaces around the world.

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