UPDATE: Hurricane Sandy's landfall and devastation

Hurricane Sandy hit land Monday night and continued its trail of destruction along the U.S. East Coast. Swells of up to 13 feet and 80-mph winds have battered the New Jersey Coast and New York City.

World Vision staff members are ready with emergency supplies for areas that have been hit hardest. Our teams have sent several hundred blankets and emergency kits from our Texas storehouse to be distributed to families affected by the disaster.

World Vision will also have three rapid assessment teams in New New York, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia this week.

As World Vision works to respond to people in need of assistance, our team members also face the challenge of being affected by the disaster themselves. For example, our office in New York City was forced to evacuate Monday night as flooding threatened to close bridges and leave staff stranded in the building.

“It’s not ideal, but we felt it was necessary to evacuate our staff and seek shelter closer to Manhattan so we wouldn’t be stranded ourselves,” said Phyllis Freeman, World Vision’s domestic disaster response director.

“We unplugged electrical equipment and put all the relief supplies up higher, but we’re not sure when our response teams will be able to access the site if the river continues to rise.”

While the flooding in the New York office is a setback,  it won't interfere with World Vision's ability to respond, thanks to our pre-positioned supplies across the nation.

Please join us in praying for the safety of those affected by Hurricane Sandy and its destruction.

Read additional updates on the storm's aftermath and World Vision's response.

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    Thank you for the work you've been doing! We were hit in N. NJ and a tree fell on our home and we have a hole we noticed in our roof this morning now that the tree was removed. Hopefully with the snowfall that is expected soon it won't be a problem (we have a tarp over it). I am sure you have seen lots of horrific damage throughout NYC and NJ. Many people we know were hurt in various ways, some pretty devastating. Keep up the hard work!!!

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