Pray for the people of Mali

Mali enjoyed two decades of democratic rule until the growing rebel insurgency led to a military coup in March 2012, leaving the former French colony with a weakened government. World Vision began working here in 1975 and is especially concerned for displaced children and families as fighting escalates in the north. Please join World Vision in prayer for the people of Mali.

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Humanitarian organizations estimate 5 million Malians — about one-third of the population — are affected by the conflict and resulting food shortages and inadequate nutrition. Militant rebels have controlled the north of the country since April of 2012, enforcing harsh punishments on people who resist their rule.

Lord, we pray that You will provide ways for food supplies to reach those most in need and that rebels’ hearts would be turned against violence. Provide children the nourishment they need to grow up healthy and strong. We trust, Lord, in Your unfailing love.

Children are especially at risk for injury, displacement, and forced recruitment in rebel-held areas.

Lord, protect children from all harm and danger. “Rescue them from oppression and violence,” according to Psalm 72:14. We trust, Lord, in Your unfailing love.

About 400,000 people have been displaced, and aid groups say the number could reach 700,000 if conditions worsen.

Lord, we weep today for Malians in trouble (Job 30:25), those who have left their homes and lost all they have as a result of violent activity. Guide them to places of safety and rest, where they can find help and the hope to start over. We trust, Lord, in Your unfailing love.

Fighting is expected to increase as military from France and other African nations seek to restore the peace and democratic governance.

Lord, You pronounced a blessing for peacemakers (Matthew 5:9). We pray today for all troops who are serving to bring about peace for the people of Mali. We ask You to help their efforts to succeed, so that communities may be restored. We trust, Lord, in Your unfailing love.

Humanitarian access and delivery of aid are being thwarted by rebel control.

Lord, we ask you to strengthen the bodies and minds of those who are seeking to do good for the people in Mali. Don’t let them fall to weariness or discouragement (Galatians 6:9). Help World Vision’s staff to be effective in their work. We trust, Lord, in Your unfailing love.

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Your help is needed today to respond to the crisis in Mali.  Nearly 5 million children and adults in Mali are at risk from escalating conflict in the country, in addition to a food crisis and inadequate nutrition. More than 400,000 people have already been forced to flee their homes, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the number is increasing rapidly. 

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    I am a World Vision employee in Mali. On behalf of my colleagues in Mali, thank you for suggesting these prayers and thank you to your readers for making these prayers. Mali is in both a security crisis and a political crisis, with a long-standing nutritional crisis underlying these more recent crises. The children here need our prayers for peace, stability, restoration of livelihoods, re.opening of schools in the conflict zone, and protection against abuses.

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