FWD the facts: Day of Action for the Horn of Africa

There are many goals we have for the future that help define our work as an organization: reducing global poverty, ending preventable child deaths, eradicating malaria, and so on.

But just for today, we have another goal: to inspire 13.3 million Americans to FWD the facts about the drought and food crisis in the Horn of Africa, spreading awareness to ensure that the tragedy no longer goes overlooked.

In partnership with USAID and the FWD (Famine, War, Drought Relief) campaign, World Vision is asking supporters to participate in today's FWD>Day of Action for the Horn of Africa.

How? It's as simple as this: FWD the facts.

"Like" this post, tweet it, and share the facts that shock you. Use the statistics in this post to inspire your friends to do their part and be one of 13.3 million Americans who will FWD the facts.

FACT: 13.3 million people are affected by the drought in four countries in East Africa -- Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

FACT: In Somalia, one child dies every six minutes.

FACT: Meteorologists forecast that the region may not receive normal rains until early 2012, and scientists have described the year 2010-2011 as the driest period in the Horn of Africa since 1950-1951.

USAID.gov/FWDFACT: In Somalia, 750,000 people are at risk of death in the next four months if relief operations are not scaled up.

FACT: The number of refugees in the four Dollo Ado camps of southeastern Ethiopia has now crossed the 120,000 mark, with almost 80,000 Somalis arriving this year alone.

FACT: Some 400,579 refugees were registered in Dadaab, Kenya, as of August 8. Since January, 116,000 Somali refugees arrived, of whom 82,631 registered in June and July. An average of 1,386 people arrive every day, according to the August figure.

FACT: Nearly 250,000 World Vision-supported children in 81 area development programs across the Horn of Africa are now directly impacted by this crisis.

FACT: Some 4 million people, or 53 percent of the Somalia population, are in crisis across that country -- an increase from 3.7 million people in July; 3.3 million are in need of life-saving assistance.

FACT: Hundreds of people are dying every day due to the famine in the southern regions; at least half of these are children.

FACT: Nearly 29,000 children under 5 have died, and millions are at risk.

FACT: Cereal prices are at an all-time high; some commodity prices are up by 270 percent.

FACT: The cost of the typical food basket has increased 50 percent.

FACT: An estimated 650,000 Somalis have fled their country, mainly due to drought.

(Sources: FEWSNET; FSNAU; World Vision)


Check out more ways to FWD the facts on the FWD website. Also, for the remainder of November, you can pray daily for those affected by the drought and food crisis in the Horn of Africa, using our suggested prayer points for each day of the week.

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