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Our Bolivia bloggers team is having a little fun this week. We're giving our readers the chance to win a brand-new t-shirt from GIVEN, the new clothing line inspired by World Vision.

The GIVEN apparel line was founded on this belief: Our capacity to GIVE is directly related to our acceptance of what Jesus has first GIVEN us. When we fully embrace this concept and fully realize that all we have has first been GIVEN to us, our passion for GIVING to others grows. No matter what your job is, no matter what your talent is, there is a place for you to serve and to GIVE to others.

Here's what you need to do to win:

How does what's been GIVEN to you inspire you to GIVE to others?

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World Vision staff sporting their GIVEN gear.


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    I have been given an ability to relate to youth. In my paid career and through volunteering in churches I give time and attention to hurting youth.

    God has given me so many things that I know there is no way I could have acquired for myself. My job is one of them- I work at a pro-life crisis pregnancy center. When you know that you have been given things, and know they are directly from the Lord, and that you have responsibilities to pass on His goodness through what you can do for others...then it gives you a whole new perspective. I know every single thing I have is not mine, and that I have things I would have never dreamed I would want for myself, but have turned out to be exactly what I needed. To not give to me is to think that what I have was mine in the first place, when clearly it's not. If Jesus can give his life, then I can give my earthly things- possessions, talents, knowledge, etc.- to others, no strings attached. I don't say this to make myself look good or to say that I'm always good at doing this, but because I think that this is what were called to do as Christians. So I try my best to do this.

    My favorite gift that I have ever received was for Mother's Day from my husband and my kids. It was the gift of sponsoring a little girl in Ghana, Africa through World Vision. Hikma was 5 years old then. Now she is 10 and we continue to sponsor her knowing that we have made a difference in her life and the lives of those in her village. I feel like I could celebrate Mother's Day with her mom helping to take care of her child so far from here. After all, isn't that what all of us moms want ~ to give the most we can to our children? I was certainly given more in the exchange.

    Having immigrated from the Philippines, I now how much more difficult life can be compared to my new life here in the US. I'm extremely grateful and whenever I go back to visit, I always try to donate and help out with local charities to volunteer. There are so many people who need help, now is the time to act!

    I had the opportunity to travel to Sierra leone this summer and to put shoes on the feet of children that didn't have any. I only got that chance because many people generously shared there resources. The Love of Christ in action. Through there acts we were able to get the shoes (& clothes) , pay to ship them, and all of my travel expenses were met. We are now in the process of planning our next trip only because of what has been given to us.

    I have been lucky enough to get a wonderful education. That has GIVEN me the inspiration to start a "Teachers' Closet" that gives FREE school supplies to public & parochial teachers in my hometown from preschool through high school. This program has been operating for less than 2 months and we have already given free supplies to almost 90 teachers in our area.

    I have been given a great set of parents who always provided for our needs. Even so, I did experience rough times where we didn't know where the money for the next meal would come from. I am thankful now that I have a full-time job and am able to give back to those in need.

    My Mother was given to me by our Lord. She has not ever stopped providing me with support. Im 25 years old, my mother has taught me to give respect, love, charity and a smile each & every second of our wonderous life. "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers." 1 John 3:16

    I have been GIVEN the chance to be a mom to a little Ethiopian princess. With this gift came the realization of the plight of so many in Africa...changed my life, my focus, my thoughts on what is necessity.

    God has given my son a chance at life! He was born at 29 weeks and weighed only 2 lbs 11 oz and he is now a healthy 2 year old! We give back by fundraising for the March of Dimes and bringing awareness to premature birth around the world. Thank you God for your many blessings! <3

    God has so richly blessed me and my family! First, with the joy of knowing Him and receiving salvation! From this I know peace and hope and security...He has blessed me with an extended family who gives of themselves. He has given me a sweet, godly, handsome, hard-working husband and 4 wonderful, compassionate, and talented children. We are provided for, protected, deeply loved, encouraged and challenged by our Lord Jesus. Having been given so much we want to bless others in His name. We try to do this daily in small ways. We also have the priviledge of sponsoring a sweet girl from Albania. We've been doing foster care for 2 1/2 years and hope to adopt. Isn't it amazing how God bless us then we bless others and God just keeps on blessing us more and more. Just knowing Jesus intimately is the best gift of all!

    I was GIVEN eternal salvation, by God, through the blood of Jesus Christ my savior. That alone inspires me to GIVE to others.

    First, God has given me new life, which means my life is no longer my own - I owe it all to Him, which means that He has first dibs on my life, my time, my finances, etc. Second, God has entrusted me with two wonderful healthy children. But I know that His children are all over the world, often in very different (desperate) situations. If my child were suffering what these children all over the world are suffering, I would give everything to help them - and that's what God calls me to do for His children; We are to be His hands and feet.

    I have been given the gift of health for my 3 children, my husband, and I. We are blessed with jobs, a warm home, and food. My heart goes out to those who are in need of the basic necessities of life, such as clean water. Things we in America take for granted. I love World Vision, because they not only help the emergent needs in communities, but help families, women and children with long term goals such as wells, education, and business loans. I love to get my children involved in looking through the catalog and deciding what we want to donate to World Vision for our offerings. God has blessed us, and we hope to bless others.

    What God gives to me always OVERFLOWS or is in SURPLUS and more than what I need which makes it my responsibility to share it with others. It is however only by the GRACE of God, who lives in me, that gives me the inspiration to give to others. By myself I am nothing but a fallen selfish sinful person.

    My God has given me the gift of life. He has given me good health, a beautiful wife, children and grandchildren, all healthy!! God gives me my daily bread, daily! God meets my needs spiritually, emotionally, and physically! I can do nothing without my God!

    I have been blessed by our giving to World Vision and our daughter across the seas. To witness, even just a small glimpse of her life has given us a true appreciation and deeper understanding of God's love for all mankind! Thank you World Vision for your commitment to making this world a better place!

    I have been given parents who cared enough to share the Word of God with me- in their words, their actions and in their love. In return, I hope to be able to share the love that God has given me to those around me. In my words, in my actions, and in my love.

    I have been blessed in so many ways: discipled by my father, loved by my family and friends, God has always shown His love to me and hopefully through me. I want to be a part of giving Hope to others. That's why I sponser a child, give to K-LOVE ministry so others may be encouraged and inspired through God's Word in song, open my home to those in need, and try to live each day aware of the abundant undeserving grace Christ has given me. I teach my children how to love others by participating in Operation Christmas Child, praying for our missionaries, and praying for people we know who need God's loving arms for healing.

    Among the gifts that God had GIVEN me that I use to bless others is the gift of humor. No, I'm not a comedienne by trade, but I believe that there is no life situation that cannot be lightened with humor. The ability to make someone smile or laugh is something that I have been given and come to value. Whether in my personal, professional life including in my servant role as a Baptist minister, I have found that humor had been as much a blessing as the spiritual gifts that I have been GIVEN. Laughter is healing and I'm grateful to give it wherever I serve.

    Among the gifts that I have been GIVEN. I honestly can't say that anything else has inspired me more to GIVE to others than the love that God has GIVEN me. His love is so inexplainable, unpredictable, unimaginable. It is endless, it is perfect, it is more than enough. It's His love that draws me to my knees and to Himself. It's His love that compels me to love others. I love His love! I love love! Thank you

    God has always put me in the exact place that I have needed to be. While I questioned "why" on many occasions, He has always given me the opportunity to GIVE. Sometimes I helped out, sometimes I walked by suspicious of what others asked for and honestly, some times I've been cheated but God GAVE me an opportunity to learn important lessons... He helped me figure out that I did His work and that's all I am supposed to do despite other people's motives and choices.
    So I thank God that He has given me choices and opportunities and has led me to World Vision. Honestly, while I won't say I kicked and screamed, He patiently led and sometimes actually pushed me along the way. My year-long research (year long, mind you!) put me in a place where I was finally able to trust Him to guide what I could do and what I could give to others that I cannot see. God has given me the trust that we should all have to GIVE.

    Today I have been GIVEN ten (yep, count 'em TEN) absolutely beautiful wonderful God-GIVEN human beings to help the Lord our God care for. I don't much like the kuddos and questions about how we manage to afford sponsorships to help God care for all ten and I always field questions as to why we do it, but I will tell you this: since I have started sponsoring my first child a bit over a year ago and up until today even with ten "littles", not one time...not once, have I or my husband or children gone without. As a matter of fact, we are the ones that have been blessed. Not only is the money always there but we, as a family, have become more loving and giving to others. God has even GIVEN me this opportunity share my story with you. Isn't He awesome?

    God gives us so many blessings, but we're not to keep them to ourselves; we're to share them with others. A person is most truely blessed when they can share what they have with people in need.

    what does given mean to me, my lil sister is dying of hiv and if I could give her my heart for her to live I would that is what giving means to me. I would give her every part of my body for her to live that is love and life...

    just seeing the faces of those without that which has been so easy for me to have makes me want to do something, anything, even if it's just ONE thing...because it truly is easy to give - if you care enough or less enough about yourself. jesus did it all the time - give give give. and what a blessing it was for those who received! i want to know that i every given opportunity.

    Hello Bloggers,
    How does what’s been GIVEN to me inspire me to GIVE to others? Well first of all on March 23, 2010 grace and mercy were given to me by my Holy Redeemer Christ. He gave me the gift of forgiveness, the gift of new-life, the gift of brotherly love, and the gift of eternal life in Heaven with God the Father; So for that I give back by being a member of my church, a Youth Director at my church, a Sponsor to a wonderful child through World Vision, also by spreading the news of my AMAZING Saviour. I was recently blessed with the man God chose for me, married and I am still giving the best I can. I try my best to share the wonderful greatness of the Gospel with those lost in this dying world. I pray for them dayly and I ask the Lord to be with them all. This my blogger friends is what’s been GIVEN to me to inspire me to GIVE to others. Thanks much. God Bless! Stephany Jiminez

    My life is so blessed and with the love of God in my heart I feel I can share what I have with others. I would not have anything without God's blessings upon me and my family.

    It's our responsibility. It's part of my worship and one of my love language. And by giving...He increases His presence in my life:)

    I have been given the gift of time,which often feels like there is much to little of.....but making time for my Children, my family and friends, and especially God (and all he calls me to) so worth every moment of time I feel I'm "giving up". When I give up my time for the things of God, his abundant blessings are returned in ways I couldn't ever imagine or dream up myself!

    its the Gospel message. God gave His only Son for us, so i owe Him my all.

    i liked this post on facebook btws

    My blessings with a wonderful family, a fulfilling job teaching special needs children, and my church family have inspired me to go on mission trips to Africa, Costa Rica and many missions in the USA. These missions to help others have immeasurably blessed and forever changed me with the wonderful people I met and worked with and made me so thankful for all the many things we take for granted in the US. I received a blessing so much greater than anything I could give.

    My sponsorship of 2 girls in Africa through World Vision and a boy and a girl through different organizations has blessed me beyond imagining. I was able to visit Ratidzai, my first child sponsored through World Vision, in Zimbabwe while on a mission trip. It opened my eyes to the hardships many children suffer with such sweet spirits and hope for the future through it all. It was so amazing to have the opportunity to visit with her and her family and share a meal with them. I enjoy writing her and getting letters back from her on how she is doing.

    Knowing that as undeserving as I am, I have been given everything, leading from the blood of Christ, gives me a sense of security and hope. Through this reassurance of faith, I am able to give my time, money and life to God's work. How can I keep something that's been given to me freely and not share that joy with others? It can't be helped.

    I have been given network of people who have accepted me as I was and loved me enought o walk through all my stuff to become all I can be. I want others to have that same experience.

    It is such a blessing to give what I can to others, to see the joy it brings to them

    Whats been given to me is new life, a purpose for living to give back to ohers as opposed to living to please myself. Whats been given to me is so powerful, loving and undeniable that I am compelled to share it with others. What has been given to me is the shed blood of my creator to cover my iniquities not because Im perfect enough to die for but because in His perfection He couldnt bear to see us suffer. Thats how much He loves us. Thats how much He calls us to love others. How could I accept this gift and not want to share it with a dying world?

    The joy that I've experienced and had through my own experiences have overflowed into giving and sharing with others. That's why I love to share the love that is in Christ Jesus.

    When I realize that it is all God's, it is easy to give to others and a blessing to do so and be a part of that! We are all called to give in some way.

    Life is about giving. We are all on this planet living together, we all need one another. The act of one person (good or bad)is a domino affect and affects many others. I've seen how one act of giving has an affect on one soul, this is what life is about. Making another's pain or burden decrease because of the power of love, the power of a smile, the giving of oneself is critical for the peace of the world. Through others actions of giving and loving me I am who I am today and live my life to give.

    I have been GIVEN so much in my life. Every day I find a chance to share it with others. The truth is my spirit is one I want to share with others. I want everyone to be happy, whether it is a friend, family member, neighbor or stranger. I put my whole heart into everything I do and I hope that shows. I make every effort I can to go out of my way for others in what I do.

    And with that I make an effort every day to support causes that I believe in and that do good for others.

    Last Sunday in church, the sermon was about how God gave us life not for us but for others. He gave us life to better his kingdom, to be his hands and feet here on earth. Really by giving and looking outside of ourselves we are obeying our father and living as he intended when he made man. Simple yet everything!

    Because what am given, inspires me to give in multiple fold. I must give onward and upward to where I was blesed.

    Oh, and I liked your post on Facebook. Love everything here. :)

    When I look at what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me by dying on the cross for my sins how can I do anything but run around and tell everyone else He died for them as well? By giving and helping others we do more than tell of Christ's love for us we live it by example.

    Anytime i give i get peace and assurance that i have made an impact on someone's live.

    We have been very blessed and love sharing it with our 3 sponsored girls. We enjoy their letters allot.

    I have been given so much in this life that I don't know how to name just one thing. I am grateful. It is in that spirit of gratitude that I want to give to others. I want for others a sense of security and hope.

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