Top videos of 2012

With the Oscars coming up -- a time to celebrate last year's achievements in cinema -- we wanted to take an opportunity to share World Vision's own favorite videos from 2012. Check these out -- and let us know what you think!

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Best Animated Short:

How World Vision works

Best Cinematography:

Water is life for every child

Best Female Actress:

Super chalkboards and World Vision's approach to global poverty

Best Storytelling:

John Mucheru from Zakale Creations

Most Inspiring:

Sallisou's story from Niger

Best Raw Documentary:

Before the storm: Hurricane Sandy in New York City

Best Soundtrack:

Kris Allen sings Silent Night

Best Runner Up:

Lopez Lomong - 4 South Sudan

Honorable Mention for Cutest Kid:

True Spirit of Christmas: The Alpaca

Which video stood out the most to you? Why?

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    Wow. Thanks World Vision. These videos have all made a deep impact on me, and as a film maker, I know the power behind them. God. Way to go!

    Loved, Loved, Loved these videos. Amazing work, World Vision- and not only that, but thank you for inspiring me and giving me hope that we CAN do something about global poverty! GOD BLESS WORLD VISION :)

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