Here's to the first 100 -- and to the next

I'm the type of person who likes to celebrate everything -- not just birthdays and major holidays. Other causes for celebration may include a work achievement (like a promotion or completing a project), a randomly special day of the week, or monthly anniversaries of a first date or first time trying a new food.

You could say that I'm a believer that any reason to celebrate is a good reason to celebrate.

And I've got a good reason to celebrate today: This marks the 100th post on the World Vision Blog! That's 100 articles written by 44 different authors from all walks of life and faith -- from Washington state to Washington, D.C., to Zambia to Japan. Our posts have ranged from lighthearted to sobering, newsy to reflective, inspiring to thought-provoking.

Through it all, our desire has always been to encourage and challenge you in the way you think about World Vision, humanitarian issues, international relief and development, and charity. In turn, the blog has shaped us into dedicated learners, flexible planners, and even hard-nosed critics of our own work.

In every way, our first 100 posts have widened and deepened our vision for this blog and our constant aspiration to partner with passionate, willing people like you.

Thank you for staying with us. We could have never guessed just how exciting and refreshing this daily journey would be. Here's to our first 100 posts -- and to our next 100.

As we reach the blog's 100th post, maybe you've wondered which major topics and issues we've covered during our first five months of posting. This snazzy word cloud made from our post tags will tell you just that. (Our top two tag terms, "Japan quake and tsunami" and "reflections," have been taken out.)

You can enlarge the image above for a closer look. Also, see the full word cloud that includes the terms taken out, as well as our category names.

Here are a few more neat highlights in 100 posts of World Vision Blog history:

Have you enjoyed reading the World Vision Blog? Are there topics that you wish were on the blog more often? What advice and suggestions do you have for us?

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    Thanks for your feedback, Dwayne. I so appreciate it. (And we're hoping Rich may be able to write more and more in the future :>)

    I always like to hear a word from Rich Stearns, but all the topics offer a touch point with World Vison- always a good thing.

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