Got an iPhone? Find World Vision!

iPhone users can now stay in touch with World Vision and keep up to date with humanitarian issues and emergency response news through World Vision Now, our new iPhone app!

It's easy to find -- just search for "World Vision Now" in the App Store on your iPhone, and look for our orange icon.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why should readers download it?

To see great photography! We designed the app to feature the documentary work of our award-winning photographers from around the world.

It’s also the place to hear stories not covered in your local news. Just this week, we had stories about new schools being built in Haiti, and how mobile phones are helping to save lives in Afghanistan.

Can I share the stories with my friends?

Absolutely. Everything is sharable via Facebook and Twitter.

What else does the app do?

You can watch videos from World Vision, get push notification updates, and make donations to support our response to the latest humanitarian crisis.

I don’t have an iPhone. Is there an Android version?

The Android version is in the works now.

If the app had a personality, how would you describe it?

Using Meyers-Briggs, I’d say split between ESTP and ESTJ.

As an ESTP, the app likes practical approaches to solving problems and is responsive to current events. The ESTJ part of the app strives to find truth and justice -- it's realistic and matter-of-fact.

If the app had background or theme music, what band would it be? Or song?

U2. On the playlist: Walk On, Magnificent, Pride (In the Name of Love), Miss Sarajevo, Where The Streets Have No Name.

Any final thoughts?

Go download the app and let us know what you think of it.

What are the specs of the app -- by numbers?

  • 42,213 lines of code
  • 521 software development hours
  • 14 database tables
  • 1 very cool app

Do you have comments, questions, suggestions, or other feedback to share about the app? Send us an email at

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